The maintenance of sports fields and sanding them

Maintenance of sports field: How and why sand spreading?

Enjoy your sports fields as long as possible? Don’t forget that sanding is an important part of maintenance. Sanding makes the sod less sensitive to rain, and the mat keeps the water through well. In addition, this makes the top loyer more rougher in the winter. GKB Macines has various machines for sanding. Read more below about the maintenance of sports fields and sanding them.

Sand surface

Does your field need more scaling? Sanding your sports field may then be the solution. Our Sandspreader and Topdrop are good machines for the maintenance of your football field or golf course.

  • Sandspreader: The machine is very user-friendly. Smart features like, the shape of the bunker, suspension and adjustability. This ensures that you can evenly sand your sports field and bring it into top condition.
  • Topdrop: By the speed of the brush and the precise adjustment of the conveyor belt, you can sand very accurately. Our Topdrop is a high-quality brush dresser, where you can apply various materials in the right place.


Sand sods

Choose the Sandfiller or the Drainmaster for sanding the sod. The combination between scarifying and sand filling is excellent for scaling and keeping the drainage in order. Slots are first milled and then they are filled with sand. Various tasks such as: scarifying, removal and sand filling are already combined by the machines. They are therefore ideal machines for thorough maintenance of your sports fields:

  • Sandfiller: With a working dept of 4 cm, this machine works in the top layer of the sod. The knives are available available in 2,3, and 4 mm thickness and can be positioned at 2,4 6 and 8 cm. This operation is only performed on the green of a golf course.
  • Drainmaster: Where the Sandfiller shrinks, the Drainmaster is mainly used for specialist maintenance of a sports field. Because the Drainmaster fills trenches with sand up to 23 cm deep and 4 cm wide, the soil drains much better than before cultivation. So it is a good solution if you don’t have the time or budget for a complete renovation.


What does your sports field need? 

Tell us what kind of sports field you have and what the current condition is. Our specialists are happy to advise you on what your sports field needs to stay in top condition or get back in top condition. Call +31 (0)180 642 922 or fill in our contactform  We will call you back within 1 working day.