“Working together is growing together”

Salesmanager Willem Hak of John Deere dealer Kraakman Perfors B.V.:

During the search for a new A-brand for its product range, Kraakman Perfors B.V. met GKB Machines. “We did not only want qualitatively good machines, we also wanted a qualitatively good company that suits us. In GKB we found that. We grow together. Because we work together.”

As a John Deere dealer specializing in lawn & garden and agriculture & golf, Willem Hak covers with the sales team of Kraakman Perfors B.V. a large part of The Netherlands. “We are the John Deere dealer for North Holland, South Holland and Utrecht, we have eight locations in that region. The Netherlands has in total five specialized lawn & garden dealers.

Flexible and fast

To extend the range of machines, Hak went looking for manufacturers of A-brands. GKB Machines turned out to be exactly what Kraakman Perfors was looking for. “Of course it was not only about the machines. They should be good, and they are. Even so good, that they almost never come back to our workshop for a repair. But the company itself has to be appropriate as well. Do they offer the right service? Can they switch fast? Our market is a fast one, in which flexibility is requested. Often customers want customization, so the machines must be regularly updated. ”

In contact with the practice

For GKB it is all no problem, noted Hak. “It is a wonderful interplay. As soon as we need a GKB specialist, he comes. Together we talk about customer demand. What does he want? How can we achieve this? GKB always comes up with a good solution.” Hak thinks that the GKB contracting side plays a big role with it. “They know how the practice works. They stay in contact with the practice. Thereby they know what a good machine need to do and what works and what does not. ”

Grow together

In Hak’s opinion, the GKB machines earn their place in the market. “That’s why we advised all Dutch John Deere dealers to add GKB Machines in their assortment. That has happened, giving GKB a strong dealer network.” It is a wonderful example of what working together does, emphasizes Hak. “GKB has a nationwide dealer network because the five Dutch John Deere dealers sell their machines. We get revenue from it and can offer our customers added value with the quality GKB machines in our range. A beautiful proof of the truth of our motto: working together is growing together. “