RDW approval for the Sandspreader & Topdrop

Did you know that agricultural and foresty, trailers and towed machines must have a European (RDW) approval? Without this, the vehicly may not be allowed on public roads. GKB Machines delivers these machines with this European approval. Now you can drive safely from departure to destination!

Which types of approvals are there?

There are two types of approval:

  1. Individual approval. With an individual approval, each vehicle is individually assessed and approved.
  2. Type approval. Because the Tüv and the RDW have assessed that our production process is set up correctly, smartly and efficiently, we are allowed to inspect the vehicles ourselves. This is called “Type Approval” and greatly benefits the delivery time and costs.

What do you get when you purchase our machine with a European type approval?

1. Drive on public roads

First, you can officially drive on public roads. You no longer need a trailer to bring the Sandspreader or Topdrop at the location.

2. Safety use

Secondly you are assured that you can use the machine safely on public roads. Your machine is assembled with a European approved overrum brake, wheel brakes, tires, bumper lighting and reflectors.

3. Declaration of Conformity

Besides that, you will also receive a Declaration of Conformity, which means that your machine may be used on public road. Insurance can ask about this.

4. Your machine is prepared for the future

Finally, your machine is prepared for the future. In no time, tractors and implement carriers will carry a number plate. This also applies to towed machines. Because we provide the machine with a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), your machine is registered for use on public roads. This is necessary to be able to use a number plate. The VIN is also know as the chassis number. This number gives the vehicle a unique identity. It is the ‘fingerprint’ of the vehcile and is embedded in a fixed part of the vehicle.


More information about the Sandspreader and / or Topdrop?

We are happy to talk to you to provide you with more information and advice. Contact us to speak to a GKB specialist.