GKB Deep Tine Aerator 160

Prevent soil compaction with the Deep Tine Aerator

Soil compaction is a major problem for natural golf courses and sports fields. If the soil is too compact, the quality of the turf of your sports field will quickly deteriorate. The solution? An intensive and deep aeration of your golf course or sports field. This strengthens root formation, and thus strengthens turf.

At GKB we want to solve the problem of a too compact top layer with one of our latest machines from GKB: the Deep Tine Aerator (DTA). We are happy to tell you more about this machine.

How does the GKB DTA work?

1. The pins of the DTA go straight into the ground, causing pits. Hollow, conical or thicker pins are also available as options.
2. By piercing the soil, the machine ensures mixing of surface water and air inside the turf. This optimizes the top layer of your sports fields, and reduces soil compaction.
3. This gives space to root formation and drastically improves the quality of the field.

Which types of sports fields benefit from the GKB DTA?

An aeration method is a standard part of the maintenance of sports fields and golf courses to prevent and remedy compact soil. We have a series of 4 versions of the DTA, suitable for various applications. We have sorted these below by working depth (model addition means working width in centimeters):

  • DTA120 for greens: maximum working depth 25 centimeter
  • DTA160 for golf courses and sports fields: working depth 30 centimeters
  • The DTA210 and DTA260 models are more heavy-duty and are suitable for deeper aeration (such as use by contractors), with a working depth of 40 centimeters.

Why buy your deep aerator from GKB?

A machine that has to poke the ground repeatedly for long periods on end must be solid. We took this notion into account when designing the DTA. The unique deep aerator therefore distinguishes itself in the following properties:

  • The DTA has heavy duty sealed bearings on the crankshaft. This improves its durability compared to other deep aerators and significantly reduces the need for maintenance;
  • Easy-to-adjust tine speed (3 gears);
  • Easy tine change due to smart fastening system;
  • Pry angle acceleration up to 25 degrees.

Request a demo!

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