GKB Vstrong scarifier

Parker Pitches tests GKB Vstrong on cricket grounds

We are proud to be able to share another customer success story. Parker Pitches from the UK have purchased a GKB VStrong scarifier to add to their machine range. The East English sports field enthusiasts have found a suitable match in this heavy duty machine and are very pleased with it.

What does Parkers Pitches do? / who is the tester?

Parkers Pitches is a sports field management company that maintains amongst others cricket pitches. The family business is run by owner Will Parker, a born and raised cricketer who also operates the machines himself. The organization is based in Woolpit, Suffolk and has 35 years of experience in managing sports fields. They have tested the GKB VStrong on the cricket fields that they maintain. An excellent choice, because this scarifier is fully appreciated on golf courses and cricket pitches.

What are the experiences with the VStrong?

The company has performed well with the VStrong during the hectic annual renovation season of the cricket grounds. “We really pushed the machine in this autumn. We have renovated more than 40 cricket pitches in 3 directions during this time,” says Will. He is very enthusiastic about the performance of the machine: “We see that this machine delivers fantastic results, faster and cleaner than we could have expected. I am convinced that this is the best scarifier on the market.”

What makes the VStrong such as great scarifier?

The heavy duty GKB VStrong has a powerful CombiRotor with 3mm carbide scarifying blades, which are rigidly attached to the rotor. The working depth of the machine is no less than 5cm with a working speed of 10 kilometers per hour. And that pays off, Will explains: “The machine allows us to scarify deeper than in previous years, with blades closer together.” The machine only deals with the oily upper layer, so that fields recover better. “With the VStrong we see a very good germination rate and a fantastic field coverage for the fields where we have used the machine.”

Are you wondering what GKB can do for your cricket ground or golf course?

We are happy to help you with the solution you need. Let GKB advise you about the challenges on your field. With the right machines, we will get your cricket ground in top condition. Discover what we can do for you and contact an advisor without obligation.