Machines for maintaining your artificial grass sports fields

As a field manager, you want to maintain your synthetic turf pitches as well as possible. This way players can enjoy the fields for as long as possible. But how do you keep your artificial sports field as clean as possible? We will highlight three GKB machines with which you can properly maintain your artificial grass sports fields and clean them quickly and efficiently: the Leaf Clean, the Topclean and the Aerator. 

Keep your artificial lawn clean of leaves with the Leaf Clean

With the Leaf Clean you can quickly and accurately remove leaf waste from your artificial lawn. The result? You prevent the growth of weeds and save on the annual autumn maintenance of your field. 

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Method Leaf Clean

With the Leaf Clean you can maintain your artificial lawn in a few steps: 

  1. The machine is equipped with a leaf vacuum cleaner with a 180 cm wide suction nozzle. Soft brushes on the front of the squeegee sweep up the loose leaves.
  2. A fan creates an airflow and blows the leaves towards the collector.
  3. With a hydraulic tipping function, you can easily discharge the leaves.

Unlike with a leaf blower, you do not blow infill with the Leaf Clean. 

Efficiently clean your artificial grass pitch with the Top Clean

With the Top Clean you can easily keep your artificial grass sports field clean from litter, such as loose dirt, paper, cigarettes and plastic bottles. 

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Method Top Clean

Keeping your artificial grass sports field clean is easy with the Top Clean. Your field is completely clean again in a few steps: 

  1. The front of the Top Clean is equipped with a brush that picks up and calls up the dirt on your artificial lawn. 
  2. The infill is taken along and is thrown onto a sieve which shakes it back and forth. 
  3. The infill falls back into the mat.
  4. The dirt is then discharged into two collection bins. 
  5. You empty the collection bins and your artificial grass pitch is clean again 

Maintain your artificial grass pitch: prevent compaction with the Aerator

Compaction is one of the most persistent problems of synthetic turf sports fields. As a solution we have developed the GKB Aerator. 

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 Method Aerator

How do you maintain your synthetic turf pitch with the Aerator? 

  1. The Aerator is equipped with gear rollers. These are coupled with a slight serration. 
  2. These teeth ensure that the teeth of the roller have a slightly prying effect.
  3. When you drive the Aerator over your artificial grass sports field, the compacted package is broken open. As a result, the sports technical properties are restored and your field is like new again!