You will certainly have noticed that artificial grass tennis courts require maintenance. Many of these activities can be carried out well with the artificial grass maintenance machines from GKB. Below you can read more about the most important maintenance for your artificial grass tennis court.

Cleaning maintenance artificial grass tennis courts

Cleaning artificial grass is a crucial part of maintaining the court. Whether it is daily or specialized maintenance, your artificial grass sports field must be cleaned. You can clean your sports field with the artificial grass cleaning machines from GKB.

Remove litter

Rough material can be removed manually, such as cans, chip bags, etc. Small and fine material often has to be removed mechanically. The Top-Clean is an all-round artificial grass maintenance machine to clean the surface of artificial grass. With this tennis court brush you can keep your courts in the best condition. To keep the tennis court in the right condition, it is important to do this in time so that the material is not kicked into the infill.

Remove leaves and branches

Leaves, small twigs and the like must be removed to prevent them from being kicked into the rubber granules. If this does not happen, it will influence the water permeability of the turf because moss and algae will form. The ideal machine for doing this in daily maintenance is the Leaf-clean. The machine removes the leaves on the field without sucking up the rubber.

Deep cleaning

Dirt that comes between the SBR rubber over time will also have to be removed. The Quick-Clean brushes the rubber granules from the field and throws them on a sieve. The fine material will be sucked up, the infill material is thrown on the field, the larger objects end up in designated collection bins. Use this machine for intensive artificial grass cleaning.

Brush-maintenance artificial grass tennis courts

To maintain the quality of the tennis court, it is important to brush the court with the right artificial grass brushing machine at the right time.

Clean edges

On the edges of the tennis court, the pollution of the field is usually the worst. This affects the image of your field, and it can be dangerous due to slippery moss. This is why intensive cleaning is required, especially along the edges. The RotoBrush is a suitable brushing machine for artificial grass, to clean the mat and make it moss-free. Extra stiff, short fibers on a rotating brush aggressively brush the material out of the turf.

Brushing up fibers

Playing the field ensures that the grass fibers are pressed flat. By brushing the field with a stiff broom, such as the T-Brush, the fiber comes up again.


When the infill material is compacted, brushing up the fiber will after a while no longer be enough. The infill material will have to be loosened and decompacted. This improves playing characteristics such as cushioning and ball bounce on the field.

What should I do with my tennis court?

Every tennis court requires its own maintenance. We are happy to help you with the best choice for your maintenance machines on the tennis court. Call +31 (0) 180 642 922 or fill in our contact form and one of our specialists will contact you.