Type Working width Working depth Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
VS120 120 cm / 47" 0-5 cm / 0-2" 140 x 165 x 100 cm / 55 x 65 x 39" 350 kg / 775 lbs > 40 hp
VS160 160 cm / 63" 0-5 cm / 0-2" 160 x 205 x 110 cm / 63 x 81 x 43" 500 kg / 1105 lbs > 45 hp
VS200 200 cm / 79" 0-5 cm / 0-2" 170 x 245 x 110 cm / 67 x 97 x 43" 750 kg / 1655 lbs > 65 hp
VS240 240 cm / 94" 0-5 cm / 0-2" 170 x 280 x 110 cm / 67 x 112 x 43" 900 kg / 1985 lbs > 90 hp

VStrong – Scarify Sports Fields With Ease!

Do you want to effectively control weeds or a greasy top layer, without the use of pesticides? And at the same time prevent the emergence of stubborn annual meadow grass? Scarifying your sports field with a professional machine is the solution for sustainable management of your sports fields. The machine is suitable for scarifying football fields, sports fields, cricket fields and golf courses. The VStrong is an increasingly used heavy duty scarifier for grass on sports fields and golf courses.


How does the VStrong scarifier work?


The VStrong is optimally equipped for removing weeds, thanks to the CombiRotor. This is a powered cutting rotor with vertical cutting discs, to which scarifying blades are attached. The rotor turns against the direction of travel, making a powerful cutting movement and not skipping a centimeter. Thanks to its smart design, the cutting rotor is especially effective against shallow-rooted weeds. The sturdy 3 mm thick steel rotor blades cut through the thickest roots effortlessly, with a working depth of up to 5 centimeters.


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VStrong: perfect scarifier for field managers

Scarifying is very important for field managers and green specialists to maintain the quality of their sports fields. This prevents soil compaction in wet conditions. The superficial roots of weeds are cut, which at the same time prevents annual meadow grass. Working with this machine results in excellent quality grass with high field coverage and good germination.


Efficiently scarify your sports fields

The Vstrong excels in working speed, solidity and reliability. This is how efficient the machine is:

  • Working speed up to 12 km / h. For example, you can cut a field horizontally and vertically in about 1.5 hours.
  • Solid build quality, making the machine last a lifetime.
  • Easy to attach to common tractors, via three-point mounting


So, the VStrong offers everything you need to scarify your sports fields properly and efficiently!


Technical specifications of the GKB VStrong

– Accurately and easily adjust the working depth

– 2 distances between the scarifying blades: 2.5 and 5 cm

– blades rigidly attached to the CombiRotor

– Possible thickness of the blades: 2 to 10 mm

– Hydraulically adjustable valve for discharging scarred grass

– Optional: hydraulic tipping collector, mounted behind the machine (ideal for golf courses)


Would you like to know how the Vstrong can help you achieve your goals as a greenkeeper or field manager? Or do you want to see the machine at work at a demo? Arrange an appointment  with our specialists.