Type Working width Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
TF200 200 cm / 79" 150 x 200 x 10 cm / 59 x 78 x 4" 40 kg / 90 lbs > 15 hp

Topfinish – The ‘finishing touch’ of your synthetic turf pitch

The ‘finishing touch’ will determine the appearance of your synthetic turf pitch. With the Topfinish you can drag every type of synthetic turf pitch. During the operation, you are able to spread the infill and remove possible contamination from the mat structure. The result? A good looking synthetic turf pitch of which you can be proud.


How does the Topfinish work?

  1.  The Topfinish is mounted to a towing vehicle by means of a tow chain.
  2. When you operate the Topfinish perpendicular to the brushing direction, the infill material is thoroughly brushed in. Contamination in the of cigarette butts, leaves and small branches are removed during the operation with the Topfinis.
  3. After you have finished your operation, you easily roll up and put away the Topfinish.


Do you also want a perfect looking artificial grass field by means of our Tipfinish machine? Please contact one of our specialists.


Long lifespan

The Topfinish is built of durable materials. With steel and rubber we can ensure years of productivity.


Topfinish specifications

  • Working width 200 cm / 79”
  • Dimensions operation (l x w x h) 150 x 300 x 10 cm / 59 x 118 x 4”
  • Dimensions transport (l x w x h) 30 x 200 x 30 cm / 12 x 79 x 12”
  • Weight 40 kg / 90 lbs
  • Power requirement > 15 hp
  • Linkage through tow chain


Other machines for your infill

At GKB Machines we have a wide range of machines for your artificial grass pitch. In addition to the Topfinish that you drag infill with, we also have a machine for removing and cleaning infill.

  • The GKB Infiller. Ideal for evenly spreading infill such as sand, SBR rubber, TPE rubber and cork over your artificial grass sports field.
  • The GKB Infill Remover. Collect and remove contaminated or worn infill with the GKB Infill Remover in one pass.
  • The Renovator. Do you encounter any problems with a compacted synthetic turf pitch? For example a reduced water permeability. With the Renovator we are able to provide you with the solution.

More information about the Top Finish? Or see a demo? Contact us and we are happy to help you.