Type Working width Hopper capacity Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
TD114 140 cm / 55" 1 m³ / 35 ft³ level 300 x 170 x 160 cm / 119 x 65 x 63” 775 kg / 1710 lbs unladen > 25 hp
TD214 140 cm / 55" 2 m³ / 71 ft³ level 400 x 170 x 160 cm / 158 x 67 x 63" 1100 kg / 2425 lbs unladen > 30 hp
TD220 200 cm / 79" 2 m³ / 71 ft³ level 300 x 230 x 170cm / 118 x 65 x 63" 1200 kg / 2645 lbs unladen > 30 hp
TD330 200cm / 79" 3,3m³ / 117ft³ level 400 x 230 x 210 cm / 158 x 91 x 63" 1500 kg / 3310 lbs unladen > 45 hp

Topdrop – Accurately apply sand to your sports field or golf course

Do you want to apply infill material or sand in an even manner on your natural grass or artificial turf sports field or golf course? Whatever material you want to spread, with the GKB Topdrop you are ready for the top dressing of your lawns. This brush dresser helps field managers and green workers worldwide to distribute every possible material accurately and evenly over their sports field.

How does the Topdrop work?

  1. Fill up the sand bunker with the desired material
  2. Set the speed of the sand brush, and you set the metering valve according to the desired layer thickness.
  3. Drive onto the field with the Topdrop behind your tractor
  4. The conveyor belt directs the sand to the mechanically adjustable metering valve
  5. The dosing valve opens and lets the sand through. In the meantime, you can set the brush

Do you want to topdress sports fields more evenly and efficiently? Contact us now and discuss your challenges with our specialists.

Topdrop efficient top dressing / user-friendly

The high-quality panel material and the solid build quality of this machine ensure many years of enjoyment. The brush dresser is made for user-friendliness, and we continuously improve it based on the feedback from our contractors. You will notice this in the following properties:

  • Pivoting wheelset with four balloon tires for good stability
  • Layer thickness adjustable by means of speed adjustable brush
  • The 330 version can be used on public roads (available with overrun brake and hydraulic brake)

Features/technical specifications

  • Available from 1.0m3 to 3.3m3.
  • Working width from 140 to 200 cm
  • Hydraulically driven, speed adjustable sand brush
  • Easy to connect to your tractor by means of towing eye
  • Mechanically adjustable dosing valve

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of the Topdrop and would you like to see it at work? Arrange a demo with our specialists now.