Type Working width Hopper capacity Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
TD130 140 cm / 55" 1,3 m³ / 46 ft³ level 290 x 170 x 160 cm / 115 x 67 x 63" 775 kg / 1710 lbs unladen > 25 hp
TD230 140 cm / 55" 2,3 m³ / 82 ft³ level 400 x 170 x 160 cm / 158 x 67 x 63" 850 kg / 1875 lbs unladen > 35 hp
TD330 200 cm / 79" 3,3 m³ / 117 ft³ level 400 x 230 x 160 cm / 158 x 91 x 63" 1500 kg / 3310 lbs unladen > 50 hp


Do you want to provide your sports pitch or golf course with the accurate amount of sand? Do you want to provide your synthetic turf with infill material in a simple way, for instance during the construction? Or do you want to accurately apply another material? With the Topdrop it is possible to accurately apply several materials.

Placement of material 

The Topdrop is a premium brush dresser, with which you can apply several materials accurately. By means of a conveyer belt, the sand is transported to the mechanical adjustable metering valve. Because the brush is hydraulically powered, and the speed can simply be adjusted, it can ensure that the layer thickness will be accurately determined.

The Topdrop is available in three different designs, from 1.3 m³ up to 3.3m³ in size. Every design is provided with four pivoting balloon tires, in order to provide the perfect weight distribution on your sports pitch or golf course.


Are you making use of the public road? Then you should also choose to attach an overrun brake or hydraulically powered brakes. Together with the modern LED lighting, the Topdrop is then ready for use on the public road.

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