Type Working width Working depth DImensions (lxwxh) Weight Power requirement
TB140 140 cm / 55" 0-2 cm / 0-1" 120 x 140 x 20 cm / 47 x 55 x 6" 40 kg / 90 lbs > 10 hp
TB180 180 cm 0-2 cm 160 x 180 x 20 cm 70 kg > 15 hp


Are you taking care of the synthetic turf maintenace at your sports club? And are you looking for an easy way to maintain your field?  We believe this maintenance should be done with quality equipment, in the same way a contractor would do the work. That’s why we designed the GKB T-Brush. Our simplest machine has a triangle brush that makes it easy to brush your artificial grass pitches every day.


Why the Tbrush

The Tbrush is suitable to brush synthetic turf pitches with several types of infill; for instance, rubber, zand, or cork. When you brush your pitch on a regular basis, it can prevent:

  • reduced drainage
  • deteriorated sport technical characteristics, for instance, compaction or a filthy impression of your pitch.
  • algae growth

A brushed pitch will retain the appearance from the day of the commissioning.


Do you want to easily brush op your field? Contact us and discuss your challenges with our specialists.


Benefits of the Tbrush

  • The Tbrush has been constructed with a premium steel frame in combination with completely synthetic brushes. These synthetic brushes provide you with a major advantage, since they will not decay due to the effects of water.
  • Due to the compact size and low weight of the brush, the Tbrush is extremely mobile.
  • GKB will deliver the Tbrush with transport wheels and a tow chain as standard. Consequently, the Tbrush is easy to operate and won’t take up too much storage space when you are not using it.
  • Few mechanical parts giving you low maintenance costs


Specifications Tbrush

We have two types of the Tbrush machine, the TB140 and the TB180.

  • Working width 140 cm or 180 cm
  • Working depth 0-2 cm
  • Linkage: tow chain
  • Weight: 40 or 60 kg
  • Power consumption: > 10 p of > 15 p


Other brushes in our assortment

We have more machines for you to brush your synthetic turf: the Brush and Quick Brush. The Brush is our largest synthetic turf brush. The primary aim is that you will be able to do your work quickly, properly and efficiently. With our Quick Brush a complete solution for your daily brushing work: from a football field to a hockey field. The difference between the brushes is their shape.


Are you wondering if the Tbrush is the best machine for you? Ask our specialists for advice. Contact us directly to discuss the possibilities.