Type Working width Bunker capacity Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
SP100 2-10 m 1 m³ / 35 ft³ flat filled 190 x 100 x 90 cm / 75 x 39 x 35" 625 kg / 1380 lbs empty > 30 hp
SP230 2-12 m 2,3 m³ / 81 ft³ flat filled 400 x 185 x 160 cm / 158 x 73 x 63" 950 kg / 2095 lbs empty > 40 hp
SPM230 2-12 m 2,3 m³ / 81 ft³ flat filled 470 x 405 x 190 cm / 185 x 160 x 75" 950 kg / 2095 lbs empty > 40 pk
SP300 2-12 m 3 m³ / 106 ft³ flat filled 470 x 185 x 160 cm / 185 x 73 x 63" 1125 kg / 2485 lbs empty > 50 hp
SPM300 2-12 m 3,0 m³/ 106 ft³ flat filled 540 x 460 x 190 cm / 213 x 181 x 75" 1125 kg / 2485 lbs empty > 50 hp
SP400 2-12 m 4 m³ / 141 ft³ flat filled 470 x 245 x 190 cm / 185 x 97 x 75" 1425 kg / 3145 lbs empty > 65 hp
SPM400 2-12 m 4 m³ / 141 ft³ flat filled 540 x 500 x 205 cm / 213 x 197 x 81" 1425 kg / 3145 lbs empty > 65 hp

Sandspreader – The ideal sanding machine

Do you want to evenly sand your sports field with precision to bring it back to top condition? Top dressing, also known as sand spreading, is an important point of attention for both the construction and maintenance of your sports field or golf course. As a sanding machine, the Sandspreader is perfectly suited for spreading different materials evenly over your field. Efficient and even sand spreading is done with the Sandspreader from GKB Machines!


Efficient sand spreading with our sanding machine: the GKB Sandspreader

Proper sanding is crucial for the long-term preservation of your sports fields. It ensures (in combination with aeration) that:

  • Excess water can evaporate
  • Oxygen gets into the soil
  • Less organic material can form in the top layer


All these factors together result in a lawn in top condition, without matting problems. A solid and efficient sanding machine is therefore indispensable for you as a greenkeeper or green specialist.


How does the Sandspreader work?

The Sandspreader uses a simple mechanism:

  1. You fill the bunker with sand
  2. An internal conveyor belt throws the sand into the spreading discs
  3. The spreading discs rotate, and sand falls evenly through the mesh onto the field.


Do you want to sand your sports field efficiently and evenly? Call in a GKB Machines advisor and discover how you can use the Sandspreader for your sports field.


The properties of the Sandspreader

This makes the Sandspreader a super efficient and solid sanding machine:

  • Sturdy wheelbase for perfect stability and weight dispersion
  • Bunker is shaped for good visibility and efficient sand discharge
  • Adjustable conveyor belt speed
  • Double hydraulically driven, precisely adjustable spreading discs
  • Standard overrun brake
  • LED-lighting


Sandspreader options

The Sandspreader is an extensively configurable machine. These are the options you can choose for optimal ease of use:

  • Touch screen in the tractor for central control
  • Swinging wheelset
  • The hydraulic lockable valves
  • Discharge belt, for example for filling sand bunkers


Easily connectable and street legal

The Sandspreader can be connected to your tractor with a standard three-point coupling or electric drawbar. We can also build the Sandspreader on your existing turf truck, such as a Porgator, Truckster or Workman. Thanks to the European type approval and Declaration of Conformity, you can officially drive it on public roads. The Sandspreader is then equipped with a braking system and a bumper with integrated lighting, so that you can safely hit the road.


Custom-made sanding machine for all your sports grass pitches

In addition to football pitches, the Sandspreader is also extremely suitable for golf course maintenance. The SPM model can also be used with the discharge conveyor belt for filling sand bunkers and drainage trenches. Do you have specific wishes? We always tailor the sanding machine for you, so that all your wishes are incorporated.


Wondering if the Sandspreader is the best machine for you? Ask our specialists for advice on sanding up your sports fields. Contact us directly to discuss the possibilities.