Type Working width Bunker capacity Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
SM180 180 cm 5 m³ / 177 ft³ level 430 x 250 x 230 2550 kg > 90 hp
SM250 250 cm 6 m³ / 212 ft³ level 430 x 275 x 230 2750 kg > 90 hp

Sandmover – Install a perfect sport pitch

Are you looking for an efficient way to construct a sports field? Do you want to apply different layers precisely? Or do you want to fill drainage trenches? Within the GKB Group, we face the same challenge when constructing sports fields. That is why we developed the Sandmover ourselves in 1986. After continuous adjustments, we took a full look at the machine in 2012. The new Sandmover will be developed and produced energy neutral in our Dutch factory.


How does the Sandmover work?

  1. You fill the sand bunker with sand or another filling of your choice
  2. The 2 subsoilers in the sand bunker feed the sand to the sand distribution roller
  3. The sand distribution roller spreads an even layer of sand over the field (depending on settings)


GKB Sandmover: accurately build a sports field

The Sandmover is the machine to apply sand lava, split or gravel layers quickly and precisely on a field. You can also fill drainage slots with the optional hydraulically adjustable conveyor belt. The 2 subsoilers in the sand bunker constantly feed the sand to the sand distribution roller. The layer thickness of the sand to be applied can easily be adjusted mechanically between 2 and 10 cm.


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A robust, user-friendly sand distribution machine

With the Sandmover you can build up a sports field layer by layer with precision. In this way, you lay the best foundation for a sustainable sports grass pitch. In the basic version, the GKB Sandmover is a simple, robust machine that you as a contractor can rely on for years. We have deliberately chosen not to provide the machine with complicated hydraulic or electrical systems. This increases the reliability of this powerful sand distribution machine.


Features of the GKB Sandmover

  • Depending on the chosen working width, 1.8 meters or 2.5 meters, the sand bunker contains 5 or 6 m³.
  • Hydraulically operated sand discharge valve.
  • Sand divider layer thickness: between 2-10 cm.
  • Easy to connect with a towing eye.
  • 4 wide balloon tires to burden the field as little as possible.



  • Radial balloon tires
  • Hydraulic brakes for the outer wheels.
  • Trench filler and conveyor belt (hydraulically adjustable)


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