Type Operating width Operating depth Dimensions (LxBxH) Weight Power requirement
RV160 160 cm 0 - 5 cm / 0 - 2" 90 x 180 x 110 cm 240 kg / 530 lbs 30 - 45 hp
RV200 200 cm 0 - 5 cm / 0 - 2" 90 x 220 x 110 cm 300 kg / 662 lbs 40 - 55 hp


Do you encounter any problems with a compacted synthetic turf pitch? Is the compacted infill layer responsible for a reduced water permeability? Together with the Renovator we are able to provide you the solution.

The solution for unsatisfactory synthetic turf pitches

Together with the Renovator you are in possession of a robust and reliable synthetic turf maintenance machine. Five rotating brushes form the foundation of the machine. Because the brushes hoke in each other, you will not miss a single inch when you are operating on your pitch.

The infill material will be situated on the pitch after the operation. Following you can use the

Quick-Brush to brush in the infill. Furthermore, it is also possible to use the GKB Infill Remover to dispose the material.

You are able to adjust the operating depth by turning in or out the two adjustable legs. The rubber wheels ensure that the Renovator will softly roll across the synthetic turf pitch. The machine is powered by a power-take off shaft (PTO). Since we are an advocate of soundness, the entire powering system is executed is a robust manner.


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