Type Working width Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
QB200 basic 3-piont 200 cm 120 x 200 x 90 70 > 15 hp

Quick-Brush – A complete solution for your daily brushing work

Do you want a complete solution for your daily brushing work? Whether it’s a football field, tennis court or hockey field, any type of artificial turf has its own maintenance. The Quick-Brush provides all the needs for your frequent brushing work. This way you always keep your field in top condition.


Quick-Brush: Put together your ideal brush

You can configure the Quick-Brush according to your personal requirements. The brush can be equipped with a tooth bar, extra brush, rubber finishing flap and height adjustment tool.

  • The tooth bar with spring-loaded teeth ensures that the artificial grass fibers do not stick together.
  • The pitch can be brushed more thoroughly with an additional brush.
  • The rubber finishing flap ensures that the infill is leveled and settles in the grass. This will instantly improve the appearance of your field.
  • With two spindles you can accurately set the height to exactly determine the brush power and, therefore, operating intensity.
  • You can also use the brush with the construction of synthetic turf pitches. With our ‘flip-over tool’ you will always drag the brush along with the working direction. This way you can sweep the new infill into your synthetic turf pitch even faster.


Are you looking for a artificial turf brush machine that you can configure to your liking? The Quick-Brush is our perfect tool for your daily brushing work. Contact us now and discuss your wishes with our specialists.


What do you use the Quick-Brush for?

Quick-Brush enables you to carry out the correct synthetic turf maintenance, no matter what the requirements. By using the Quick-Brush you prevent:

  • impaired drainage;
  • deteriorated technical characteristics due to the compaction;
  • the image of a polluted field.

The result? The brushed fields will have the same appearance as on the day of commissioning.


Benefits Quick-Brush

  • The GKB Quick Brush can be equipped with many extras. You can choose between a rake, brush, double brush, rubber finishing rag, and you can manually adjust the height.
  • With the ‘flip-over tool’ on the Quick-Brush infill material can be easily added to new fields and it will always orientate itself in the operating direction.
  • The Quick-Brush is easily connected to your tractor with a standard three-point linkage.
  • The artificial turf brush machine has no hydraulic functions, so you can use the tool with almost any tractor.


Specifications Quick-Brush

  • Working width of 200 cm/ 79”;
  • Weight of 60 kg / 135 lbs;
  • Power requirement of 25 – 45 h;
  • Standard three-point hitch (cat I – II).


Would you like to know which configuration works best for you? We are happy to talk to you to find out what you need. Call in one of the specialists at GKB and contact us immediately.