Type Working width Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
LC150 150 cm / 59" 140 x 150 x 150 cm / 55 x 59 x 59" 400 kg / 882 lbs > 30 hp
LC180 180 cm / 71" 140 x 180 x 200 cm / 55 x 71 x 79" 600 kg / 1323 lbs > 45 hp


Do you want to effectively and efficiently get rid of leaves from your artificial sports field? The Leaf-Clean is your ideal machine to vacuum leaves, small twigs and such. When leaves are not removed from an artificial turf field in time, it will be kicked into the infill, which will decrease the quality and life-span of your artificial turf.


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Leaf Blowing is history

Blowing leaves is a time-consuming job and it is challenging not to blow the infill off your field. When you blow the leaves to the center, it is difficult to pick them up quickly and efficiently. With the Leaf-Clean you can easily vacuum the leaves without taking the infill material. To get rid of the accumulated leaf in the corners of the field, you can use a suction hose that is mounted to the machine.


Faster and cleaner leaf removal from your artificial grass

The leaves are swept into a pile from the artificial turf under the suction box. With a brush, the leaves from the swept pile are thrown into the air shaft.  The air shaft then transfers the leaves into a collection box. The suction unit is specifically designed so that no infill is sucked up. Of course, the suction unit is adjustable to your preferences, so that the Leaf-Clean can be used on different types of infill.


Easier to throw away leaves

The leaf vacuum machine is available with a collection container of 650 or 1050 liters. When the container is filled up, it can be emptied easily with a hydraulic tipping function.


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