Type Working width Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
LC150 150 cm / 59" 140 x 150 x 150 cm / 55 x 59 x 59" 400 kg / 882 lbs > 30 hp
LC180 180 cm / 71" 140 x 180 x 200 cm / 55 x 71 x 79" 600 kg / 1323 lbs > 45 hp

Leaf-Clean – Save on maintenance of your synthetic turf sports field

Do you want to clean up leaves more efficiently and thus save on the maintenance of your artificial grass sports field? The GKB Leaf Clean is here to assist. This machine quickly and accurately removes leaf waste from your sports field. This prevents the growth of weeds and ensures an excellent condition of your sports fields. With the GKB Leaf Clean you can realize major savings on the annual autumn maintenance of your sports fields!


Leaf Clean versus leaf blower or garden rake

If you work with a leaf blower or even a garden rake, this takes a lot of manpower and is relatively time-consuming. In addition, with the air flow from a leaf blower it is hard to prevent blowing of infill. With the GKB Leaf Clean, this is a thing of the past. How the machine works?

  1. The soft brushes at the bottom of the machine sweep the loose leaves together.
  2. Rotating brushes bring the leaves in.
  3. A specially designed internal suction nozzle prevents the suction of infill. The leaf is sucked into the spacious collection container.
  4. Do you want to dispose of the leaf litter? Use the hydraulic tipping function to empty the collection container at any desired height.

Of course, the suction nozzle is fully adjustable, so that the Leaf-Clean can be used on various types of infill.


Do you also want to clean synthetic turf pitches better and more efficiently? Contact us now and discuss your challenges with our specialists.


Save time and money with the GKB Leaf Clean

This is how you save time and money on the annual autumn maintenance of your sports fields with the GKB Leaf Clean:

  • Lightning fast and accurate leaf removal
  • Sweep and vacuum in one
  • Prevents damage and removal of infill
  • Only 1 person needed to operate the machine


Specifications of the Leaf Clean

  • Working width no less than 150-180 cm
  • Adjustable suction nozzle for different types of infill
  • Spacious collection container (650-1000l)
  • Tipping function to empty container at any height


Would you like to know more about the possibilities of the Leaf-Clean and do you want to see it at work? Then arrange a demo with our specialists.