Type Working width Working depth Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
ED130 130 cm 0 - 15 cm 170 x 160 x 100 cm 550 kg 30 - 50 hp + creeper gear
ED160 160 cm 0 - 15 cm 260 x 210 x 170 cm 830 kg 65 - 95 hp + creeper gear
ED200 200 cm 0 - 20 cm 260 x 240 x 170 cm 1450 kg 80 - 110 hp + creeper gear
ED240 240 cm 0 - 20 cm 260 x 290 x 170 cm 1650 kg 90 - 120 hp + creeper gear

Ecodresser – Environmentally conscious dressing

The GKB Ecodresser is a 3-in-1 maintenance machine, specially developed for the maintenance of natural grass sports fields and golf courses. The machine evens out the terrain and spreads dressing soil from the existing top layer. So dress in an environmentally conscious way! Meanwhile, the soil is aerated. In combination with the nutrient-rich material that is placed on top, this ensures a greatly improved quality of your sports fields. This also loosens the soil, so that no weeds can grow in the top layer.


Ecodresser machine experiences

De Enk Groen & Golf is a field manager and a satisfied user of the GKB Ecodresser: “Compared to the old machine that did the same operation, we run faster with the Ecodresser we have now. The Ecodresser gives a nice result and is easily adjustable. We only work with the Ecodresser anymore”.


How does the Ecodresser work?

  1. The pre-cut roller pre-mills the soil to minimize damage to the field
  2. Behind it go the spring-loaded coulters, which intensively aerate the soil
  3. The conveyor belt behind the rear roller then immediately throws the loosened top layer
    back onto the field

Optionally, the machine can be equipped with a conveyor belt, to be able to spread the top layer at any desired location.


The 3 functions of the Ecodresser

  1. Aerating the soil
  2. Environmentally conscious dressing, with your own land
  3. Creating good sowing conditions


Do you also want to aerate your natural grass pitches and improve germination conditions in
an environmentally conscious way? Contact us now and discuss your challenges with our specialists.


Why using the Ecodresser is so environmentally conscious

The Ecodresser prevents extra weeds by dressing using the existing topsoil layer. This will of course save you purchasing costs for sand, but it will also save the environment. Not only do you not have to bring in sand (sand excavations, CO2 emissions), but you also prevent that you bring in pollution or extra weed seeds with the purchased sand batch. That way you don’t have to use pesticides. This fits in perfectly with the tendency to control weeds only by mechanical means. With the Ecodresser you also get 3 functions in one machine, with which you get a real all-rounder!


The properties of the Ecodresser

  • Working width from 130 cm to 240 cm
  • Equipped with milling knives, field teeth and coulters
  • Spring-loaded coulters prevent stone damage
  • Optional: stone sieve and collecting tray
  • Optional: conveyor belt for spreading top layer elsewhere


Would you like to know more about the possibilities of the Leaf-Clean and would you like to see it at work? Arrange a demo with our specialists now.