Type Working width Working depth Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
DTA120 120 cm / 47" 25 cm / 10" 120 x 130 x 90 cm / 48 x 52 x 36" 500 kg / 1105 lbs > 18 hp
DTA160 160 cm / 63" 30 cm / 12" 120 x 170 x 120 cm / 48 x 67 x 48" 930 kg / 2051 lbs > 35 hp
DTA210 210 cm / 83" 40 cm / 16" 120 x 220 x 140 cm / 48 x 87 x 56" 1400 kg / 3087 lbs > 55 hp
DTA260 260 cm / 103" 40 cm / 16" 160 x 270 x 180 cm / 63 x 107 x 71" 2000 kg / 4410 lbs > 65 hp

Deep Tine Aerator – Prevent soil compaction

Are you looking for a deep aerator for your somewhat older sports fields, to prevent soil compaction? Deep aeration stimulates root formation and thus strengthens your golf course or sports field, which greatly improves the quality and health of the topsoil. The Deep Tine Aerator is our newest lawn deep aerator and works extremely efficiently. The working depth is up to 40 centimeters, which results in unparalleled intensive aeration. With the GKB DTA you can easily keep your sports fields in top condition!

How does our deep aerator, the DTA, work?

The pins of the DTA deep aerator repeatedly pierce the ground, creating a hole every few centimeters. In this way, surface water mixed with air ends up in the soil. More oxygen in the soil ensures better root conditions, which favor field quality. This also breaks open the top layer, which stimulates root growth and thus strengthens the turf. Deep aeration is therefore an essential part of sports field maintenance. And if strong compaction has taken place, this machine is the only solution!

Do you want to aerate sports fields better and more deeply? Discuss your challenges with our specialists.

DTA: keep your sports fields in top condition in a sustainable and efficient way

If you are a field manager or greenkeeper for a natural grass sports field, then you know how big the problem of soil compaction is. An annual deep aeration is in this case strongly recommended. The DTA is more durable than competing deep aerators due to heavy duty sealed bearings. This will save you significantly in maintenance. This is how the Deep Tine Aerator keeps your fields in top condition.

  • High working speed
  • Various pin diameters available, including hollow tines
  • Unique tine mounting system, allowing you to change tines faster than ever
  • Only 1 person needed on the machine

DTA deep aerator: models and applications

Model numbers represent the working width for the various types of DTA machines. Each model of deep aerator has its most suitable application. The DTA120 is particularly suitable for greens: the maximum working depth is 25 centimeters. The wider DTA160 is often used for golf courses and sports fields, the working depth of which is 30 centimeters. The DTA210 and DTA260 models are a lot more heavy-duty and are used for the most intensive, most deep aeration (such as use by contractors), with a working depth of 40 centimeters. For these last deep aerators, you can easily set the desired penetration depth by means of a hydraulic height adjustment.

Features of the DTA

  • Extremely durable, due to heavy duty sealed bearings on the crankshaft
  • Speed of the tines is easy to adjust (3 gears)
  • Hydraulic height adjustment for setting penetration depth (DTA210 and DTA260)
  • Easy tine change due to the unique mounting system
  • Pry angle acceleration up to 25 degrees.


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