Type Working width Working depth Hopper capacity Dimensions (LxWxH) Unladen weight Power requirement
DM150 150 cm / 59" 0 - 23 cm / 0 - 9" 4 m³ / 141 ft³ level 450 x 260 x 260 cm / 177 x 102 x 102" 3300 kg / 7280 lbs unladen > 120 hp + creeper gear


Do you have a sports pitch or golf course where surface water is causing an issue? Does your pitch stay wet for too long, due to which you do not achieve the desirable playing hours? Are you not in the possession of the time and budget for a complete renovation? With the Drainmaster we can provide you the ultimate machine to tackle these problems.

The GKB Drainmaster has been in continuous development since 1985. Throughout the years, the concept of the Drainmaster has been constantly refined. The system has been developed in order to improve and accelerate the drainage of surface water. With the result the stability and quality of your grass will improve.

Improve drainage

The Drainmaster digs two or three trenches of 4 cm width which are positioned perpendicular to the existing underlying drainage. The removed soil will immediately be disposed by means of conveyer belts. Additionally, you can reuse the removed soil as dressing soil.

The trenches are filled with drainage sand to the operating depth of 23 cm during the same operation. The wheels of the Drainmaster will press the drainage sand into the trenches. The sand bunker has been developed in such a way that you can operate the full length of a pitch with one operation, or you can decide to do two operations across the width of the pitch.

The grass will grow on the trenches within a number of weeks. The created drainage network ensures a higher playing capacity. As a result of stronger grass, you will also experience less damage from the activities on the grass. If you combine the operations of our Drainmaster and Combinator you can create an even, well-functioning sports pitch.

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