Type Working width Seed distribution Capacity seedhopper Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
CS120 120 cm / 47" 3 - 50 gms / m² 150 litres 140 x 130 x 100 cm / 55 x 51 x 39" 500 kg / 1115 lbs. > 35 hp
CS160 160 cm / 63" 3 - 50 gms / m² 200 litres 140 x 170 x 100 cm / 55 x 67 x 39" 660 kg / 1470 lbs. > 45 hp
CS200 200 cm / 79" 3 - 50 gms / m² 250 litres 140 x 210 x 100 cm / 55 x 83 x 39" 830 kg / 1845 lbs. > 55 hp
CS240 240 cm / 94" 3 - 50 gms / m² 300 litres 140 x 250 x 100 cm / 55 x 98 x 39" 990 kg / 2200 lbs. > 65 hp


Are you looking for a machine to easily seed or overseed your turf? You can do both with the Combiseeder and you can seed various kinds of grass seed. Besides the application to seed on golf courses and sports fields, you can also apply the machine to get rid of weeds.


The method of our seeding machine

The spiked rollers of the Combiseeder produce roughly 1500 holes per square meter, after which the seed falls on the field behind the first roller. The seed is wiped with a brush, of which you can adjust the pressure. A second spiked roller presses the seeds into the soil and as a finishing touch, your field is brushed again with a mobile brush. This method minimizes soil disturbances.


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Seeding accurately

You can set the precise amount of seed with the seed-dispensing system. The dosage is adjusted by a lever behind the seed container. In this way you can seed between 3 and 50 grams per square meter.

The Combiseeder is equipped with 2 water tanks. By filling these water tanks you can easily and accurately increase the weight of the machine. Accordingly, hard soil is no longer a problem when using the Combiseeder.


Pesticide-free maintenance

There is a large reduction in weed control using pesticides. To keep your sports field free from weeds, more sowing is required. Not only can you use the spike rollers to seed, but also cutting rollers to weaken the weed blade.


Made for the Worker

To achieve the best result, a machine must work pleasantly. Therefore, the seed-dispensing stops when the machine stops driving or is lifted. The spiked rollers consist of separate rings with teeth, so that they can move independently. This allows you to make turns without damaging the turf. The machine can also take a beating due to the solid build quality.


The best seeder for you

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