Type Working width Seed distribution Capacity seedhopper Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
CS120 120 cm / 47" 3 - 50 gms / m² 150 litres 140 x 130 x 100 cm / 55 x 51 x 39" 500 kg / 1115 lbs. > 35 hp
CS160 160 cm / 63" 3 - 50 gms / m² 200 litres 140 x 170 x 100 cm / 55 x 67 x 39" 660 kg / 1470 lbs. > 45 hp
CS200 200 cm / 79" 3 - 50 gms / m² 250 litres 140 x 210 x 100 cm / 55 x 83 x 39" 830 kg / 1845 lbs. > 55 hp
CS240 240 cm / 94" 3 - 50 gms / m² 300 litres 140 x 250 x 100 cm / 55 x 98 x 39" 990 kg / 2200 lbs. > 65 hp

Combiseeder – Effective seeding and overseeding

Do you want to effectively sow or reseed your turf without giving weeds a chance? It is possible with the GKB Combiseeder. The spiked rollers let air into the soil and weaken the weeds, while the machine sowes. The Combiseeder then presses the seed in one movement and brushes your green or sports field. From now on you will only need one machine for your complete sowing and overseeding routine!


How does the Combiseeder work?

The Combiseeder makes your sowing work more efficient and therefore cheaper. How does the Combiseeder work?


  1. Both spiked rollers prick the soil.
  2. The seed falls from the seed distributor, behind the first spike roller on the field.
  3. The first brush sweeps into the seed: the pressure for this can be set.
  4. The second brush sweeps the field.


Would you like to find out which sowing system works best for you? Our specialists will be happy to advise you. Contact us directly for more information.


Combiseeder: the seed drill for golf courses and sports field maintenance

Regularly overseeding is necessary for proper sports field maintenance. With golf course maintenance you must overseed once or twice a year to prevent the development of annual meadow grass or mosses. The multifunctional Combiseeder helps you with this: it reduces weed nuisance, because the spike rollers weaken the weeds’ leaves. The careful brushing method of the Combiseeder keeps disturbances of the soil to a minimum.


This makes the Combiseeder so user-friendly:

  • Simply make turns, thanks to the loosely mounted tines.
  • The seed dosing system stops as soon as the machine is stopped or lifted.
  • With the help of 2 water tanks you can adjust the pressure on the soil, so that hard fields are no problem.
  • Thanks to the spacious seed hopper you can sow an entire field without having to top up the grass seed.


Working pesticide-free by sowing sports fields more often

Because of the Green Deal, as a green specialist or greenkeeper, you must minimize your pesticide use. Good sowing in combination with removing weeds is therefore becoming increasingly important. At GKB, we pride ourselves on helping our customers to work pesticide-free. For advice, you can contact our specialists (https://www.gkbmachines.com/contact/). They will be happy to advise you!


Technical specifications of the Combiseeder

  • 2 conical spike rollers with 1500 holes per square meter
  • Loosely mounted rings with teeth
  • Adjustable brush pressure for pressing the seed
  • Equipped with 2 water tanks to make the machine heavier
  • Seed distributor opening adjustable with lever
  • Sow 3 to 50 grams of seed per square meter
  • Can be coupled to the tractor’s three-point


Would you like to know how you, as a green specialist or field manager, can best achieve your goals with the Combiseeder? Or do you want to see the machine at work during a demo? Arrange an appointment now!