Type Working width Working depth fraise mowing Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
CB120 120 cm / 47" 0 - 5 cm / 0 - 2" 125 x 290 x 120 cm / 49 x 114 x 47" 600 kg / 1325 lbs 35 - 45 hp
CB160 160 cm / 63" 0 - 5 cm / 0 - 2" 160 x 355 x 150 cm / 63 x 140 x 59" 900 kg / 1985 lbs 40 - 70 hp
CB200 200cm / 79" 0 - 5 cm / 0 - 2" 170 x 440 x 160 cm / 67 x 173 x 63" 1100kg / 2425 lbs 65 - 95 hp
CB240 240cm / 94" 0 - 5 cm / 0 - 2" 180 x 520 x 180 cm / 71 x 205 x 71" 1400kg / 3100 lbs 90 - 110 hp


Do you want to get your sports field in top condition faster? Do you have problems with weeds, for instance, annual medow grass. Are you struggling with a greasy top layer? Are you facing a bumpy sports field? Every contractor and fieldmanager is familiar with these challenges. With the Combinator you accurately fraise mow the top layer of your turf and with a conveyor belt the material is removed in the same pass. This machine is the solution, from local sports fields to football clubs in the Champions League.

In the late nineties, we created the predecessor of the Combinator. Meanwhile, the machine has developed into what it is today. The method of removing the surface layer is still in worldwide practice today.


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Fraise mowing top layer

Various types of chisels can be placed on the CombiRotor. We are using “L-shaped” fraise chisels to fraise mow the top layer of your natural grass sports field. With special hybrid chisels, we can remove the top layer with the natural grass from your hybrid sports field. The artificial grass fiber remains in place.



Of course, you can also use your Combinator for scarifying. You can place scarifying blades of various widths at the desired distance. The extracted material is placed on the conveyor belt and transported away. If you use the VStrong you can also scarify without a conveyor belt, directly redistributing nutritious soil back onto the turf.

The optional ‘hold down plate’ also allows you to scarify unstitched hybrid fields. The hold down plate ensures that the artificial grass stays in place, while removing the unwanted organic material.


Heavy-duty and ingenious

We believe that a machine should be pleasant to work with in order to achieve the best result. Therefore, you can easily and precisely adjust the working depth of the Combinator with our unique pendulum system. Due to the solid build quality, the machine can also take a beating. In short, the Combinator is everything you need for fraise mowing and scarifying the top layer of your sports field.


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