Type Working width Working depth fraise mowing Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
CB120 120 cm / 47" 0 - 5 cm / 0 - 2" 125 x 290 x 120 cm / 49 x 114 x 47" 600 kg / 1325 lbs 35 - 45 hp
CB160 160 cm / 63" 0 - 5 cm / 0 - 2" 160 x 355 x 150 cm / 63 x 140 x 59" 900 kg / 1985 lbs 40 - 70 hp
CB200 200cm / 79" 0 - 5 cm / 0 - 2" 170 x 440 x 160 cm / 67 x 173 x 63" 1100kg / 2425 lbs 65 - 95 hp
CB240 240cm / 94" 0 - 5 cm / 0 - 2" 180 x 520 x 180 cm / 71 x 205 x 71" 1400kg / 3100 lbs 90 - 110 hp

Removing annual meadow grass with the Combinator

Do you want to combat annual meadow grass, does your sports field have an oily top layer or is your natural grass field not level? The GKB Combinator offers you the ultimate solution. Developed in the late 1990s together with the municipality of Rotterdam, and since then it has evolved into the most reliable milling mower on the market. With the Combinator you can easily remove the top layer and annual meadow grass from a sports field, without affecting the root network. The GKB Combinator is your multifunctional heavy-duty milling mower: scarifying and milling in one machine!


How does the GKB Combinator work?

This is what a working pass with the GKB Combinator looks like:

  1. Drive the Combinator behind your tractor over the sports field;
  2. The cultivators cut the top layer of your field without affecting the roots;
  3. The milled material is discharged via the conveyor belt;
  4. Your parallel driver drives along with you with a trailer and collects the material.


The organic material may be reused as compost for your sports field.


GKB Combinator: multifunctional milling machine for field managers

The high-quality steel housing of the GKB Combinator is of excellent build quality, which makes the machine very durable. The machine runs on the unique patented Combirotor, to which you can attach various router bits or even scarifying knives. The multifunctional milling machine therefore offers various possibilities:

  • Combat/remove annual meadow grass
  • Hybrid lawn milling
  • Milling natural grass field
  • Scarifying, also of non-stitched hybrid fields


What challenge are you facing? At GKB Machines we like to think along with you. Discover what we can do for you and contact one of our advisors without obligation.


Efficiently scarify and mill your sports fields?

Choose different types of chisels, from L-shaped for natural grass to hybrid chisels for hybrid turf. Or opt for the scarifying blades and set them at different thicknesses at the desired distance. Easily adjust the working depth of the router with the unique pendulum system. The optional ‘hold down plate’ also allows you to scarify non-stitched hybrid fields. The hold down plate ensures that the artificial grass remains in place, while the unwanted organic material is removed. The milled-out material is discharged with the conveyor belt. In short, the Combinator is the only machine you need for milling and scarifying the top layer of your sports field!


Technical specifications of the Combinator

  • 3 different types of chisels available: L-shaped and hybrid
  • ‘Hold down plate’ stops artificial grass from unstitched pitches while removing unwanted organic materials
  • Working depth easily adjustable thanks to the pendulum system of the front and rear roller of the machine
  • Sturdy conveyor belt with guides, can withstand heavy loads
  • Unique adjustable infill brush can be placed optionally
  • Can be connected with a three-point coupling (cat I or II)


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