Type Working width Working depth fraise mowing Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
CB120 120 cm / 47" 0 - 5 cm / 0 - 2" 125 x 290 x 120 cm / 49 x 114 x 47" 600 kg / 1325 lbs 35 - 45 hp
CB160 160 cm / 63" 0 - 5 cm / 0 - 2" 160 x 355 x 150 cm / 63 x 140 x 59" 900 kg / 1985 lbs 40 - 70 hp
CB200 200cm / 79" 0 - 5 cm / 0 - 2" 170 x 440 x 160 cm / 67 x 173 x 63" 1100kg / 2425 lbs 65 - 95 hp
CB240 240cm / 94" 0 - 5 cm / 0 - 2" 180 x 520 x 180 cm / 71 x 205 x 71" 1400kg / 3100 lbs 90 - 110 hp


Do your natural grass sport pitches not meet your requirements? Are you confronted with weed grasses, a buildup of black layer and organic matter or is the sport pitch not level? Do you want to keep your sport pitches in excellent condition? The Combinator will provide you the ultimate solution.

In the late 1990s the GKB Group and the Council of Rotterdam developed the predecessor of the Combinator. The method of removing the surface layer is still in worldwide practice today.

Today, subjects such as chemical free weed control, the removal of infill and sustainability are actual. Together with the Combinator you can respond appropriately to current needs and requirements.

Heavy-duty fraise mowing

With the Combinator you are in possession of a multifunctional fraise mowing machine. You can use the CombiRotor® with three types of blades or chisels. In order to fraise mow the surface layer of your natural grass sport pitch, you are required to assemble the “L-shaped” fraising blades. When you replace your fraising blades with special hybrid chisels, you are enabled to fraise mow the natural grass and surface layer of a hybrid-grass pitch, without damaging the remaining synthetic fibers on the pitch.

Moreover, you can also use the rotor shaft for scarifying. Furthermore, we are also able to provide you the possibility to assemble a specialized brush for synthetic turf in the Combinator. This will enable you to remove sand, cork and rubber (infill).

You can directly transport the removed infill material by means of conveyer belts.  We have provided the conveyer belts with unique conductors, consequently the conveyer belts will not yield to heavy loads. By means of the patented pendulum system of the conveyer rollers, you can easily control the working depth of the Combinator.

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