Ball Roll and Infill Tester

Do you want to easily test how far the ball rolls on your artificial grass pitch? Or measure the infill material of your field? It’s possible witrh the Ball Rol land Infill Tester. We are happy to tell you more about the usefulness of these testers and the benefits of these products.


The function of the Ball Roll Tester

The Ball Roll Tester measures how far the ball rolls on synthetic grass. The distance the ball rolls is directly related to the speed of the synthetic turf. The distance the ball rolls is directly related to the speed of the synthetic turf.


Advantages of the Ball Roll Tester

Over time, synthetic turf fibres can begin to “lay flat” and the infill can become compacted, resulting in a longer, faster ball roll than preferred. The solution? Maintain the field to avoid worsening problems. So, this test can identify the condition of the field.


How can you maintain your artificial grass pitch?

In our range you will find various machines to maintain your artificial grass, for example:

  1. The Rotobrush, for quick and efficient cleaning of the field edges.
  2. The Tbrush, for easy maintenance of your artificial grass pitches.
  3. The Topair, for aerating and rolling.


The function of the Infill Tester

The Infill Tester is a device that you can use to easily and accurately measure your infill material on synthetic grass.


How does the Infill Tester work?

  1. The Infill Tester has three prongs that you press into the surface.
  2. You read the infill depths from the device.


Advantages of the Infill Tester

  • The measuring prongs are replaceable to ensure maximum longevity;
  • Easy to use;
  • Compact, easy to carry.


Remove or add infill to your field

Do you want to remove, add or distribute more infill after measuring your infill material? You will also find machines for this, such as:

  1. The GKB Infiller. This machine allows you to spread infill, such as sand, SBR rubber, TPE rubber and cork, evenly over your artificial grass sports field.
  2. The GKB Infill Remover. With this machine you collect and remove the contaminated or worn infill.

Do you have any questions about the Ball Roll Tester, the Infill Tester or about one of our machines? Our specialists are happy to assist you!