Type Working width Working depth Working speed Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
AR100 100 cm / 39" 0 - 3,5 cm / 0 - 1.5" 7-12 km/h 175 x 150 x 50 cm / 69 x 59 x 20" 200 kg / 445 lbs (excluding watertank) 10 - 15 hp
AR150 150 cm / 59" 0 - 3,5 cm / 0 - 1.5" 7-12 km/h 110 x 170 x 90 cm / 43 x 67 x 35" 450 kg / 995 lbs (excluding metal plates) 20 - 40 hp
AR200 200 cm / 79" 0 - 3,5 cm / 0 - 1.5" 7-12 km/h 110 x 220 x 90 cm / 43 x 87 x 35" 530 kg / 1170 lbs (excluding metal plates) 30 - 50 hp

Aerator – Relieve compaction of your artificial turf

Compaction is one of the biggest problems faced by those maintaining a synthetic sports surface. Developed in conjunction with leading industry suppliers Desso Sports System, the GKB Aerator features carbide teeth rollers which generate a prying effect, disturbing and decompacting infill without any detrimental impact on the carpet fibres.

The issues with compacted artificial turf pitches

When people play on a surface, the footfall will naturally flatten artificial turf fibres and the infill material supporting them. This not only exposes the fibres to wear and tear damage and additional UV exposure, it means that moisture can no longer penetrate the surface – leading to a pitch that holds water during significant periods of rainfall. The harder surface underfoot will also risk player safety and impact on ball roll, deteriorating the game dynamics.

Treating compaction: GKB Aerator vs the Alternatives

Compacted artificial surfaces will often be treated with a tooth bar or brush but this is often only a short-term fix in remedying issues in the top few millimetres of the pitch. Some of the alternatives also risk wear to the fibres, the ‘scratching’ motion causing tips to split.

The GKB Aerator delivers a deeper solution, tackling compaction at the base of the fibres and, thanks to the prying effect, does so without damaging the carpet. Equipped with multiple carbide teeth rollers, coupled together, infill is decompacted, thus restoring the technical properties of your pitch. Additional weight can be added via either a water tank or with metal plates (model dependant) to tackle even the most compacted synthetic surfaces.

How does the machine work?

  • Connect the machine to your tractor either via a towing eye, or the three-point coupling.
  • Drive the Aerator over your surface; it does not stop and will follow your course.
  • Observe as the compacted infill is loosened and play characteristics are restored.

Key Features 

  • Processing speed 10 km/h
  • Geared rollers
  • Available with 4, 6 or 8 tooth rollers
  • Add additional weight via water tank (smallest model) or metal plates (largest 2 models)
  • Easy to couple with towing eye or three-point coupling (cat I or II)
  • Optional adjustable front and rear roller


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