An artificial turf football field requires a lot of maintenance. Daily, periodic and major maintenance is necessary to keep the field in top sports technical condition. The most important thing here is that the surface of the artificial turf remains clean. GKB’s machines are specially made for this maintenance. Read more about what it takes to maintain your artificial turf football pitch well daily and periodically.


Daily maintenance of artificial turf football field: remove litter

It is extremely important to keep the artificial football pitch free from litter, chewing gum and other contaminants. This prevents the dirt from being compacted into the turf, causing damage to the artificial football pitch. You can remove larger material such as chips bags, cans and the like by hand. Afterwards, use a machine for the finer waste. For example, the GKB Top Clean is suitable for this.


Remove leaves and branches from your artificial football pitch

Algae and moss form on leaves and branches, which negatively influences water permeability of the artificial football mat. This can be prevented with a good mechanical leaf sweeper, such as the GKB Leaf-Clean. The machine is tuned to hold infill material, allowing you to work quickly and easily to remove leaves from your football pitch. The machine is also suitable for hard-to-reach places.


Remove unwanted green borders

If the surface is completely free of dirt, your synthetic turf football pitch must be swept. This way you respread the infill over the field, immediately improving the look of the football field. Does this not help enough, or do you suffer from dirty green edges? Then choose extra intensive brush maintenance with the Rotobrush.


Reduce wear on penalty spot and goal areas

Certain areas of the football field wear faster, such as the goal areas and the penalty spot. Since these zones are intensively used, wearing cannot be completely prevented. However, it can be reduced by paying extra attention to these areas. Maintenance must therefore take place more intensively here than in the rest of the field. In addition, it is important to add extra infill in time. For example with the GKB Infiller.


Decompact and refill the infill layer

Due to play, pollution and weather conditions, the damping effect of the infill layer gradually diminishes, because it is “pressed in”. This closes off the soil, which impairs water permeability. In addition, the ball bounce decreases. Loosening and intensive brushing of the fibers of the infill is therefore very important. The GKB Renovator has been designed specifically for this purpose.


What type of maintenance is required for my artificial football pitch?

Every synthetic turf football field requires unique maintenance, partly due to the difference in composition of the field, location and local weather conditions. We are happy to help you choose the right football pitch maintenance equipment. Call +31 (0) 180 642 922 or fill out our contact form. Our specialists will contact you within 1 working day.