Whether it concerns major or daily maintenance of your golf course, you cannot do without the right turf equipment. GKB Machines has been developing golf course maintenance equipment for 35 years. We will explain how our machines can help you aerate, sand and sow your golf course.

Important daily maintenance

With the regular maintenance of your golf course you are mainly busy with mowing, aerating, dressing, sanding and seeding. To keep your grass strong, it must receive enough oxygen. Therefore, we scarify and aerate the turf. To maintain the quality of the grass, it is important that no water remains on the surface. Sanding ensures better drainage. Sowing is essential to strengthen and thicken the turf. This will also improve the playing pleasure of the golfer. Our machines will help you aerate, sand and sow your golf course.


Aeration is essential to keep the grass strong and healthy. Aerating ensures structural play quality on your turf. For golfers, aeration often is an unwelcome disruption during their game. That is why GKB has developed Evolvent blades on the TopAir. The specific shape of the blades minimizes the prying effect in the top layer, so that the golfer experiences less discomfort in the game.

Sanding & dressing

With sanding, we ensure that the field remains flat and not compacted (which improves and accelerates the drainage of surface water). We provide special sanding golf course machinery with the Sandspreader and Topdrop.


The Sandspreader is the right dish spreader for spreading a wide variety of materials evenly over fields. The Topdrop is a high-quality brush dresser with which you can apply various materials to the right place.


Sowing and seeding to improve the grass surface is essential. Our Combiseeder is the right piece of golf course maintenance equipment for fast and efficient seeding and overseeding.

Our best all-in-1 golf course machine

The Sandfiller is a unique machine that combines aeration, sanding and potential sowing in one go. Our customers use this machine on the greens and fore greens. The machine scarifies the surface according to the Vstrong principle. The slits are filled with dried sand in the same working pass, which can also be mixed with grass seed.

Do you want a golf course in top condition?

We help you to keep your golf course in top condition. Together we can look at which machines are suitable for your golf course. Arrange an appointment with our specialists today.