Golf course maintenance

Golf course maintenance: the essential machines you need in 2021

Maintaining golf courses is a meticulous profession, which is becoming increasingly challenging for greenkeepers worldwide. Climate change takes its toll: weather conditions are more extreme, and at the same time greenkeepers must adhere to strict regulations regarding pesticide use. Golf clubs and tournament organizations also still demand a perfectly smooth green, with a reliable ball roll. Even in bad weather conditions, such as in autumn. Sound equipment is therefore essential.
When it comes to green maintenance for golf courses, GKB machines are absolute top performers. Developed together with greenkeepers, these are the must-haves for optimal golf course maintenance in 2021!

Golf course maintenance is precision work

Every golf club differs in terms of location, soil type, water management, types of grass, slopes and other unique properties. As the head greenkeeper, you know best which actions are necessary and when for your optimal golf course maintenance. From soil treatments to ensure that your grass germinates perfectly, to precision irrigation for an ideal water balance for your club course. We give you 5 basic elements of golf course maintenance where our machines can optimally support you.

1. Scarify with the VStrong

Scarifying your golf course every spring limits the thickness of the greasy organic felt layer. This prevents compaction of the top layer. You can do this, for example, with the GKB scarifier VStrong.

2. Reliable sanding

During the peak of the golf season, the puncturing and sanding of the golf course has to take place (unfortunately to the annoyance of many golfers). This is done to ensure that greens recover as quickly as possible and the quality of your field is optimal. Thorough sanding ensures that:
– Water can evaporate
– Oxygen gets into the soil
– The amount of organic matter in the top layer remains under control
A sand spreader with a neat spreading pattern is the GKB Sand Spreader. We always tailor this extensively configurable machine for you, with precisely adjustable spreading discs. The Sand Spreader, including precisely adjustable spreading discs, can also be used for filling sand bunkers and drainage trenches.

3. Sowing and overseeding

Reseeding of the golf course is necessary once or twice a year to prevent other types of grass such as annual meadow grass or mosses from penetrating to the grass layer. The GKB Combiseeder is a multifunctional overseeder and very easy to use. This machine with a working width of up to 240 cm has several weighting options for use on hard fields. After spike-rolling 1500 holes, the machine sows in new grass seed. Finally, the seed is pressed in one movement and your green is brushed afterwards. The amount of seed can be accurately metered. The spiked rollers are multifunctional; the pricking simultaneously damages and weakens weeds.

4. Dressing: surface restoration for your golf course

Golf courses are damaged daily: by golf playing, walking, riding and by animals such as birds, moles, rabbits and hedgehogs. To restore the surface of greens and fairways, dressing your golf course is therefore essential. A sand layer of 1 to 2 millimeters is often sufficient for this. Is the composition of your top layer already as desired? With our GKB Ecodresser sand from the existing top layer is reused to dress it with. In this way you dress environmentally friendly!

5. Aerating and deep aeration of golf courses

Aerating your golf course is crucial to ensure that water can penetrate the top layer more quickly. This prevents puddling on the greens and promotes water drainage to the subsoil or drainage. The load-bearing capacity of the soil improves significantly, as do the growing conditions in the top layer. A compacted top layer is something you want to avoid at your golf course at all times. Our deep aerators for golf courses such as the GKB Deep Tine Aerator (DTA) are easy to use on golf courses and greens.

All-in-1 maintenance for golf courses: the Sandfiller

At GKB we offer, in addition to specialized machines for the above operations, a highly innovative combination machine for golf course maintenance. The GKB Sandfiller combines scarifying with scaling. This maintenance machine consecutively:

  1. Cut slots in your turf
  2. Accurately fills the trenches with sand
  3. Compacts your grass carefully

Save significantly on your maintenance costs with this machine by combining sand filling and scarifying in one pass. You can even use the machine for overseeding by mixing the sand you are using with grass seed.

Golf course maintenance with GKB Machines

As you can see: GKB Machines offers a complete and innovative range of maintenance machines for golf courses. So are you looking for an experienced and committed supplier of machines for your golf course maintenance? We are happy to talk to you. Get in touch with us!