GKB Machines: progressive family business

As a landscaper or contractor, you don’t just go into business with a random machine builder for your turf maintenance. And when you choose a machine supplier you rely not only on technical product information, but also on quality and reliability of the company. You may have already read about our innovative turf maintenance machines on our website. But what really characterizes GKB Machines? What makes us special and what is important to us? Get to know us!

Passionate family business

GKB Machines is a genuine family business. You will notice this especially in the fact that we attach great importance to a healthy relationship with our employees. But even with our customers we remain involved as much as possible on a daily basis. Working on good mutual relationships contributes to the quality of our cooperation, and consequently, the quality of our engineering. As a client, you will also benefit from passionate employees who enjoy their work.

We use the power of our workers

“The worker is king”, is the motto of GKB Machines. And for good reason: in addition to being a machine factory, we are also a contracting company with almost 200 people who use our machines. Because these people are the experts in working with our machines, we can continuously improve them based on their experience. This guarantees you a top-quality product that has really been thought through and therefore saves time on your projects.

Advanced technology

Since 1985, GKB has been building the most efficient and innovative maintenance machines for turf care. Our customers absolutely appreciate our innovative natural, synthetic and hybrid turf care machines for sports fields. The new GKB Deep Tine Aerator (DTA) has recently been launched and has already scored highly with customers for its simplicity and effectiveness. We have already received a lot of requests for demos, even though these often only consist of videos due to the corona crisis.

Always looking for opportunities

What also characterizes us at GKB Machines is that we are always looking for opportunities. It is important at this time that we do not lose heart, and we certainly do not. We see enough opportunities to remain successful despite the corona crisis. For example, activities in (municipal) greenery will attract, since more and more people are moving outdoors to public parks. Since June 1st, outdoor sports in small groups are allowed again in the UK. And even though professional football temporary isn’t allowed at the moment, it is important that sports fields are brought back into optimal condition before the 2020/2021 sports season starts again.

What does your sports field need?

Our specialists are happy to advise you on what your sports field needs to stay in top condition or come again. Fill in our contact form. We will call you back within 1 working day.