GKB Ecodresser dressing machine

GKB Ecodresser – dress to impress!

A machine especially developed for the maintenance of your natural grass sports fields and golf courses. That is our GKB Ecodresser.The machine combines common grass care operations, such as tipping the top layer, aerating and leveling the turf. These features make this machine user-friendly and efficient, and very popular among field managers worldwide.

The performance of this all-rounder in the spotlight.

How does the GKB Ecodresser dress?

  1. The machine smoothes the terrain and distributes the dressing soil from the existing top layer. This has the advantage that you no longer have to purchase and distribute them separately; a clear environmental benefit.
  2. In the meantime, the various cutting tools on the machine such as tiller blades, fixed field tines and coulters ensure that the soil is intensively aerated. This happens both in the top layer and in the sub layer, and in this way the best possible germination conditions are created.
  3. The aeration, in combination with the nutrient-rich material that is placed on top, greatly improves the quality of your sports fields. This also loosens the soil, preventing weeds from growing in the top layer.

3-in-1 dressing machine

The dressing machine has a 3-in-1 function:
– Aeration of the soil
– Environmentally friendly dressing, with your own land
– Creating good sowing conditions

User-friendly and efficient

You can imagine that the Ecodresser is very user-friendly and efficient thanks to these functions. In addition to these 3-in-1 functions, the pre-cutting roller also minimizes damage to the field. In the meantime, spring coulters provide protection against stone chips when airing the soil.

Two other accessories are also available for leveling the field:

  • A stone screen
  • A collection tray

Using the conveyor belt, you can then simply spread soil or stones evenly over the soil. This way you can easily create a homogeneous top layer. View the video of the machine below. Also read this customer experience of a golf course with the Ecodresser (please note it’s in Dutch).

The results of the GKB Ecodresser

Aerating and dressing the soil with the Ecodresser ensures:

  • Creation of good germination conditions
  • Better root formation
  • Good drainage

Sounds interesting!

Would you like to know more? View the specifications of the Ecodresser or contact our specialists. We are happy to advise you!