How to deal with secondary microplastics

Environmental pollution from yarn wear is becoming an agenda item around the world. The biggest concern is the fields already installed. What can be done to prevent the issue being blown out of proportion?

The quality of synthetic turf yarns has greatly improved compared to a decade ago. However, the condition of currently used fields will shape the future of synthetic turf. Degradation over time and the potential release of particles beyond field perimeters could impact the acceptance of synthetic turf. Recent studies indicate synthetic turf fibers contribute to plastic pollution in water bodies. Researchers found significant amounts of fibers in water samples, raising concerns. Measures like kickboards and field supervision are essential to mitigate risks. Maintenance efforts vary based on field type, yarn, age, and usage intensity. Effective risk management can prevent microplastic pollution from synthetic turf fields.

Not necessarily maintenance

It is claimed that fibre wear starts after six to eight years and becomes more intensive after 10 years of use. Altogether a field may lose up to 12% of its fibres in ten years. To establish how much maintenance equipment contributes to yarn wear, testing institute Ercat conducted a test two years ago whereby various samples were subjected to 110 cycles of either brushing or raking. Prior to the test, each sample was subjected to 100 Lisport-XL cycles without abrasion plates. “The fibre thickness and width were measured both prior to and after the test. While we didn’t really observe much damage, damage was still visible,” says Gerrit de Koe of the city of Amsterdam who commissioned the study. He concluded that brushes of 3mm or more, could damage a field too much, hence he decided to only rake fields, going forward.

Regular deep-cleaning

John van Gennip points out that it is essential to maintain healthy infill levels. “As long as the infill is there, and at the correct level to maintain the fibre in an upright position so it can flex when weight is added, yarn wear will be reduced to the minimum.” He advises to brush a field once a month but also to drag once a week. “We have developed our own machine for deep cleaning a surface, something we advise doing once a year. The machine tosses up the infill before it is taken over a 4mm sieve to remove the microplastics. Dust extraction removes even the finest microplastic particles before the cleaned infill is added back to the field.”

Taking ownership

The European Commission has granted the textile industry permission to self-regulate, based on their promise to install filters of 1.6 micron in washing machines to capture even the smallest yarn fragments. As the synthetic turf industry is pursuing a similar position, the point is increasingly being made to make the vacuum of synthetic turf fields mandatory. “This is the advice currently given to owners of synthetic turf landscaping products, for which the market is much larger than that for synthetic turf for sports but that lacks equipment to adequately clean the surface,” Jan-Willem Kraaijeveld of GKB Machines points out. Owners of synthetic turf sports fields have the option to use several machines. “There is a Top-Clean to remove leaves or cigarette butts that are usually lying on top of the synthetic turf grass blades, but if you want to remove even the smallest microplastic particles, you can use the Deep-Clean.” Like the machine J&E Sports has developed, the GKB Deep-Clean also sieves the infill and uses dust extraction to separate microplastic particles from third-generation synthetic turf fields. “It is a bit more time consuming but it is the best guarantee that the field will be free from any microplastic particles, and, as such, will be safe for the environment and for continued use.”

More information

If you’re interested in delving deeper into similar information, please visit There, you can explore more insights and resources on topics like synthetic turf maintenance, fiber wear, and environmental impact. Dive into a wealth of knowledge to stay informed and make informed decisions about sports field management.


Machines for maintaining your artificial grass sports fields

As a field manager, you want to maintain your synthetic turf pitches as well as possible. This way players can enjoy the fields for as long as possible. But how do you keep your artificial sports field as clean as possible? We will highlight three GKB machines with which you can properly maintain your artificial grass sports fields and clean them quickly and efficiently: the Leaf Clean, the Topclean and the Aerator. 

Keep your artificial lawn clean of leaves with the Leaf Clean

With the Leaf Clean you can quickly and accurately remove leaf waste from your artificial lawn. The result? You prevent the growth of weeds and save on the annual autumn maintenance of your field. 

Read more about the Leaf Clean 

Method Leaf Clean

With the Leaf Clean you can maintain your artificial lawn in a few steps: 

  1. The machine is equipped with a leaf vacuum cleaner with a 180 cm wide suction nozzle. Soft brushes on the front of the squeegee sweep up the loose leaves.
  2. A fan creates an airflow and blows the leaves towards the collector.
  3. With a hydraulic tipping function, you can easily discharge the leaves.

Unlike with a leaf blower, you do not blow infill with the Leaf Clean. 

Efficiently clean your artificial grass pitch with the Top Clean

With the Top Clean you can easily keep your artificial grass sports field clean from litter, such as loose dirt, paper, cigarettes and plastic bottles. 

Read more about the Top Clean 

Method Top Clean

Keeping your artificial grass sports field clean is easy with the Top Clean. Your field is completely clean again in a few steps: 

  1. The front of the Top Clean is equipped with a brush that picks up and calls up the dirt on your artificial lawn. 
  2. The infill is taken along and is thrown onto a sieve which shakes it back and forth. 
  3. The infill falls back into the mat.
  4. The dirt is then discharged into two collection bins. 
  5. You empty the collection bins and your artificial grass pitch is clean again 

Maintain your artificial grass pitch: prevent compaction with the Aerator

Compaction is one of the most persistent problems of synthetic turf sports fields. As a solution we have developed the GKB Aerator. 

Read more about the Aerotor 

 Method Aerator

How do you maintain your synthetic turf pitch with the Aerator? 

  1. The Aerator is equipped with gear rollers. These are coupled with a slight serration. 
  2. These teeth ensure that the teeth of the roller have a slightly prying effect.
  3. When you drive the Aerator over your artificial grass sports field, the compacted package is broken open. As a result, the sports technical properties are restored and your field is like new again! 


GKB launch new V-Collector

The BTME took place in March 2022. Of course GKB was there! During the BTME we launched a brand-new addition to our natural turf maintenance range, in the form of the V-Collector. This machine is based on the principles of our VStrong scarifier. The new V-Collector range promises effective organic matter removal and clean collection of the extracted material in a single pass.

What do you use the V-Collector for?

The V-Collector is ideal for use on golf and bowling greens, cricket wickets and other situations where collection of the removed material is desirable.

Features V-Collector

  • The V-Collector is available in two working widths – 1.2m and 1.6m.
  • The machine is equipped with precision-engineered steel blades, spaced at 25, 50, 75 or 100mm, for the accurate removal of thatch, surface debris and lateral growth down to depths of 40mm.

Benefits of the V-Collector

  • The multi-functionality offered by the V-Collector enables the operator to complete the job swiftly – bringing benefit to plant health, whilst keeping surface and play disruption to a minimum.
  • The wind paddles, fitted to GKB’s unique CombiRotor®, generate enough suction to lift the extracted material up and into the new 400L collector.
  • The collector can then be hydraulically lifted and emptied easily at the push of a button.

Reaction to the new machine V-Collector

Commenting on it’s introduction, UK Operations Manager Tom Shinkins said, “We pride ourselves on listening to the end users and coming up with solutions to everyday problems. The new V-Collector will be ideal for greenkeepers, combining OM removal and debris collection in one pass to make the task more efficient and less labour intensive. The initial reaction we’ve had to the VC120 on show at BTME has been very positive and we’re very much looking forward to taking the machine out and putting it through its paces over the coming months.”

Maintain your golf course quickly and easily with the Sandfiller

Careful management of organic matter levels is critical to optimising both the health and play characteristics of golf greens. When it comes to managing these thatch layers, there is no universal tool or technique that will suit every course, however methods and machines are now at our disposal that are far less disruptive and can incorporate additional operations such as simultaneous sand injection which helps to bring surfaces back into play even quicker. GKB tells you more about the techniques and about our machine: the GKB Sandfiller.

Factors that influence the rate in which thatch accumulates

A number of factors will influence the rate in which thatch accumulates; climatic conditions, the dominant grass species that form the composition of the greens along with the levels of nutrition and inputs applied to the surface will all have an impact. Too much thatch can result in greens that become soft, water retentive and susceptible to damage from play or mechanical maintenance – particularly during the winter months. It also:

  • restricts airflow;
  • inhibiting plant growth;
  • creating an environment favourable to some turf diseases.

Equally though, too little organic matter can cause putting surfaces to lose their stability. There is an equilibrium to be achieved between the rate in which OM builds and the rate to which it is diluted.

High reed techniques

For most courses, thatch content of around 5-7% is considered the be ‘ideal’ in the top 20mm of the surface. When levels are higher than this, mechanical methods of thatch removal should be employed which would traditionally see the use of invasive scarification or hollow-coring. However, both of these techniques can be highly disruptive to surfaces, possibly leading to contention with golfers over the impacts that has on playability.

Apllication of sand

The application of sand is another key practice, effective at diluting organic matter accumulations. Along with reducing thatch content, top dressing is well known to bring many benefits to a golf green, such as:

  • improving surface permeability;
  • facilitating better grass growth and improving the trueness of the green.

However, depending on the type of sand, amount applied and the timing of such, it can cause frustrations with players due to the inconvenience and disrupted play resulting from broadcast applications.

Techniques from GKB

As with most elements of greenkeeping, balancing the expectations of the players with the needs and requirements of the course requires careful management. Communication around the necessity for either sand application and/or invasive methods of organic matter control is key. To assist, manufacturers including GKB have come up with new techniques to better equip greenkeepers with the tools needed to manage organic matter, while minimising disruption to the playing surface.

Our GKB Sandfiller

The GKB Sandfiller:

  • scarifies the surface down to depths of up to 40mm;
  • removing organic matter and creating channels which are simultaneously filled with sand or a combination of sand and seed – maximising efficiency
  • improving drainage and ground firmness in one pass.

The unit features a 400L hopper to collect the removed material, leaving a clean and tidy finish and allowing the surface to be back in play almost instantly.

Experiences with the GKB Sandfiller

Contractors Marc Kerr Limited have been running a GKB Sandfiller for the last five years, conducting work for golf courses up and down the country. “This machine brings so many benefits to a green” explains Marc. “Alternative methods of organic matter management are labour intensive and run the risk of taking the surfaces out of play which is not an option for many given the year-round demand from the members. We are using the Sandfiller on around 30 golf jobs a year, with an additional half dozen bowling greens also calling us in for the service.”

GKB sandfiller: Thatch removal and sand injection in one

“I previously used an alternative machine that was more labour intensive and that left the excess spoil and sand on the green which then had to be manually collected when the job was complete. The efficiency of being able to conduct both operations – thatch removal and sand injection – in a single pass was the reason we switched to the GKB Sandfiller. It has made the job much more time and cost effective for both myself and the club, and gives the greens teams the quick recovery which is critical.”

For every season

Marc continues, “We’re lucky to work with clubs of all levels, with some elite venues calling us in annually or bi-annually to pass over the greens with the Sandfiller. The interesting thing is the different schools of thought around the timing of the operation. Some like it done in the spring, to give them recovery from winter wear and damage and set up strong surfaces for the start of the season. Others like it throughout July and August, where we can mix seed in with the sand to optimise germination. The final group will request a visit in the late autumn, where the lateral aeration and slit slits will allow for better drainage and help the course to sustain winter play.”

He concludes, “No matter the timing, what the Sandfiller delivers is a fast, firm surface with reduced organic matter and improved percolation and root growth.”

GKB at the BTME 2022

Stand 406 in the purple zone promises to be a showcase of equipment for all seasons as GKB Machines get set to return to BTME in 2022. Whether its aeration, scarification or overseeding on the agenda, solutions will be on show in the form of the Deep Tine Aerator (DTA), Sandfiller and Combiseeder – with the GKB Technical Team on hand to discuss these products and many more from their innovative golf and sports turf portfolio.

The GKB Deep Tine Aerator

The name speaks for itself with the GKB Deep Tine Aerator – efficiently and effectively aerating the ground. The Deep Tine Aerator is characterized by:

  • workingdepths of up to 400mm (16”) for optimal air and moisture movement.
  • Four working widths are available between 1.2m and 2.6m, meaning there’s a model to suit most applications in and around the golf course and beyond.
  • Quickly building a reputation for its build quality, the unique tine mounting system on the DTA allows for more tines per head and improves both the speed and efficiency when changing between sets.

GKB Sandfiller

As the seasons change and thoughts move from moisture management to spring renovations, the Sandfiller will prove its worth as the true multi-tasker!

  •  The Sandfiller scarifies the surface down to depths of up to 40mm.
  • The machine removing organic matter and creating channels which are simultaneously filled with sand or a combination of sand and seed – maximising efficiency and improving drainage and ground firmness in one single pass.

GKB Combiseerder

If a dedicated unit is required that is capable of both seeding and overseeding, then the Combiseeder provides an accurate solution.

  • The tried and trusted combination of two spiked rollers and two brushes create the optimal number of holes in the ground, allowing for precise seed distribution and maximised conditions for germination.
  • With smaller models in the range ideal for work on golf greens, the Combiseeder is available in four working widths up to 2.4m making it a machine suited for greenkeepers, grounds managers and contractors alike.


Drainage and aeration: maintance your golf field to support the demand for year-round play

The demand for year-round playability is putting ever-increasing pressure on greens staff to deliver a golf course and able to withstand the additional rounds of play. A lot of attention is paid to retaining the quality of the greens over the winter, but perhaps less consideration is given to the influence that the fairways have on the overall game. GKB Machines explore the subject of fairway drainage and how extending aeration programmes and drainage techniques can create a surface fit for the perfect follow-up shot. We also discuss the machines you can use for the maintenance of your golf course grass: the GKB Drainmaster and the GKB Deep Tine Aerotor.

What drainage systems are there?

In comparison to the variations of profile construction adopted on a club’s greens, fairways will tend to be constructed on indigenous soil which will vary greatly in terms of its permeability. If a club is fortunate enough to have primary piped land drainage is installed, this is likely to be in the form of a grid or herringbone system, with laterals feeding into a main drain at five, seven or ten metre spacings. This system in place will be dependant on:

  • the soil type;
  • the physical characteristics of the area
  • the whereabouts of outfall locations

All with the same goal of adequately removing ground water.

Secondary drainage at your golf course

To speed up the movement of excess moisture from the soil down into the pipe network, secondary drainage is often required. Why? Because of two reasons:

  1. Secondary drainage systems quickly remove water from the surface.
  2. Secondary drainage feed the water into the primary system, ensuring fairways and other playing surfaces retain their ability to host play, even following heavy periods of rainfall.

This will typically be in the form of sand slitting, sand or gravel banding and/or frequent aeration.

Timing of secondary drainage is essential

The timing of carrying out any form of secondary drainage is essential. If the fairways are already holding water, the utilisation of machinery to remedy that can often do more harm than good. Try to prevent the issues from occurring in the first place by implementing secondary drainage operations into your maintenance programme, executing it in dry to conditions to maximise its effectiveness.

Which machine can you use for drainage?

The GKB Drainmaster has come to the rescue of a number of golf courses, without the budget to carry out a complete renovation, but suffering from excess surface moisture.

The GKB Drainmaster works as follows:

  • The Drainmaster channels two or three 40mm wide trenches at half metre spacings, that run perpendicular to the existing underlying drainage system.
  • The removed soil cleanly and conveniently transported via a conveyor to an awaiting hopper or vehicle.
  • The hollowed channels, at a depth of 230mm are then simultaneously backfilled with sand – leaving a clean and level finish, ready to accept new seed to complete the recovery.Read more about the GKB Drainmaster

When is aerating the field necessary with an aeration machine?

Even with effective primary and secondary drainage networks in place, the movement of moisture is still reliant on the natural permeability of the soil profile and the ability for water to adequately move through the rootzone layer which is where aeration comes into play. Any issues with heavy fairway soil profiles will be exacerbated through the wet winter months. An aeration machine will make sure that:

  • the issues associated with surface compaction will be minimise;
  • the downward movemant of oxygen and any nutrient apllications will be optimise;
  • optimal condtions for plant health are created;
  • you emerge in the new growing season with a stronger sward.

Which aeration machine can you use?

With our GKB Deep Tine Aerator (DTA) your prevent soil compaction for you golf field or sport field. The Deep Tine Aerator (DTA) is available in four working widths. The largest two – 2.1m and 2.6m – would be ideally suited to decompacting fairways, down to depths of 400mm or as low as deep as the conditions permit on the given day. We give you two importent tips:

  1. To avoid any detrimental impact to plant health, only aerate in dry conditions.
  2. If a window presents itself in the lead up to the wettest winter months, take it and utilise 1” tines with a level of heave to match the ground conditions, to open the ground up and create networks ready to drain away any rainfall.

Read more about the GKB Deep Tine Aerator

Following aeration with topdressing

If time and resources allow, following aeration with topdressing is a great way to ensure those networks stay open and drain freely. Frequent, light sand dressings on the fairways has the following benefits:

  • It can improve the drainage characteristics of the upper rootzone.
  • It can reduce the amount of organic matter that builds up in the top layer.
  • In addition itproduce an environment that is also less conducive for worms.

A disc spreader such as the GKB Sandspreader is a fast and accurate way to evenly distribute dressing across the fairway. The SP300 features a large 3m3 hopper capacity and offers a spreading width of up to 10m.

Conclusion drainage and aeration

The amount of additional activity required to create free-draining fairways will largely be determined by their construction and the levels of footfall contributing to surface compaction. However, consider that compaction is much easier to prevent than having to cure it when it has already happened.

Golf course maintenance: the essential machines you need in 2021

Amongst others climate change and stricter requirements from golf clubs and tournament organizations, maintaining golf courses is a greater challenge. Weather conditions are more extreme, and at the same time greenkeepers must adhere to strict regulations regarding pesticide use. Golf clubs and tournament organizations also still demand a perfectly smooth green. Sound equipment is therefore essential.

Together with greenkeepers, GKB has developed machines for the maintenance of green areas on your golf courses. Which of these must-haves are indispensable for performing your actions? We give you 5 basic elements of golf course maintenance where our machines can optimally support you.

1. Scarify

Scarifying your golf course every spring limits the thickness of the greasy organic felt layer. This prevents compaction of the top layer. You can do this, for example, with the GKB scarifier VStrong.

The VStrong has a working speed up to 12 km/h. This way you can cut your field horizontally and vertically in about 1.5 hours.

2. Reliable sanding

During the peak of the golf season, the puncturing and sanding of the golf course has to take place (unfortunately to the annoyance of many golfers). This is done to ensure that greens recover as quickly as possible and the quality of your field is optimal. Thorough sanding ensures that:

  • Water can evaporate;
  •  Oxygen gets into the soil;
  • The amount of organic matter in the top layer remains under control.

A sand spreader with a neat spreading pattern is the GKB Sand Spreader. We always tailor this extensively configurable machine for you, with precisely adjustable spreading discs. The Sand Spreader, including precisely adjustable spreading discs, can also be used for filling sand bunkers and drainage trenches.

3. Sowing and overseeding

Reseeding of the golf course is necessary once or twice a year to prevent other types of grass such as annual meadow grass or mosses from penetrating to the grass layer. The GKB Combiseeder is a multifunctional overseeder and very easy to use. The Combiseeder is characterized by by the following points:

  • A working width of up to 240 cm;
  • Several weighting options for use on hard fields;
  • After spike-rolling 1500 holes, the machine sows in new grass seed;
  • The seed is pressed in one movement and your green is brushed afterwards;
  • The amount of seed can be accurately metered;
  • The spiked rollers are multifunctional; the pricking simultaneously damages and weakens weeds.

4. Dressing: surface restoration for your golf course

Golf courses are damaged daily: by golf playing, walking, riding and by animals such as birds, moles, rabbits and hedgehogs. To restore the surface of greens and fairways, dressing your golf course is therefore essential. A sand layer of 1 to 2 millimeters is often sufficient for this.

Is the composition of your top layer already as desired? With our GKB Ecodresser sand from the existing top layer is reused to dress it with. In this way you dress environmentally friendly!

5. Aerating and deep aeration of golf courses

Aerating your golf course is crucial to ensure that water can penetrate the top layer more quickly. This prevents puddling on the greens and promotes water drainage to the subsoil or drainage. The load-bearing capacity of the soil improves significantly, as do the growing conditions in the top layer. A compacted top layer is something you want to avoid at your golf course at all times.

Our deep aerators for golf courses such as the GKB Deep Tine Aerator (DTA) are easy to use on golf courses and greens. The DTA has the following unique properties:

  • The DTA is more durable than competing deep aerators due to heavy duty sealed bearings. This will save you significantly in maintenance.
  • Unique tine mounting system, allowing you to change tines faster than ever.
  • A working depth of no less than 40cm!

All-in-1 maintenance for golf courses: the Sandfiller

At GKB we offer, in addition to specialized machines for the above operations, a highly innovative combination machine for golf course maintenance. The GKB Sandfiller combines scarifying with scaling. This maintenance machine consecutively:

  1. Cut slots in your turf
  2. Accurately fills the trenches with sand
  3. Compacts your grass carefully

Save significantly on your maintenance costs with this machine by combining sand filling and scarifying in one pass. You can even use the machine for overseeding by mixing the sand you are using with grass seed.

So are you looking for an experienced and committed supplier of machines for your golf course maintenance? We are happy to talk to you. Get in touch with us!

Parker Pitches tests GKB Vstrong on cricket grounds

We are proud to be able to share another customer success story. Parker Pitches from the UK have purchased a GKB VStrong scarifier to add to their machine range. The East English sports field enthusiasts have found a suitable match in this heavy duty machine and are very pleased with it.

What does Parkers Pitches do? / who is the tester?

Parkers Pitches is a sports field management company that maintains amongst others cricket pitches. The family business is run by owner Will Parker, a born and raised cricketer who also operates the machines himself. The organization is based in Woolpit, Suffolk and has 35 years of experience in managing sports fields. They have tested the GKB VStrong on the cricket fields that they maintain. An excellent choice, because this scarifier is fully appreciated on golf courses and cricket pitches.

What are the experiences with the VStrong?

The company has performed well with the VStrong during the hectic annual renovation season of the cricket grounds. “We really pushed the machine in this autumn. We have renovated more than 40 cricket pitches in 3 directions during this time,” says Will. He is very enthusiastic about the performance of the machine: “We see that this machine delivers fantastic results, faster and cleaner than we could have expected. I am convinced that this is the best scarifier on the market.”

What makes the VStrong such as great scarifier?

The heavy duty GKB VStrong has a powerful CombiRotor with 3mm carbide scarifying blades, which are rigidly attached to the rotor. The working depth of the machine is no less than 5cm with a working speed of 10 kilometers per hour. And that pays off, Will explains: “The machine allows us to scarify deeper than in previous years, with blades closer together.” The machine only deals with the oily upper layer, so that fields recover better. “With the VStrong we see a very good germination rate and a fantastic field coverage for the fields where we have used the machine.”

Are you wondering what GKB can do for your cricket ground or golf course?

We are happy to help you with the solution you need. Let GKB advise you about the challenges on your field. With the right machines, we will get your cricket ground in top condition. Discover what we can do for you and contact an advisor without obligation.

Prevent soil compaction with the Deep Tine Aerator

Soil compaction is a major problem for natural golf courses and sports fields. If the soil is too compact, the quality of the turf of your sports field will quickly deteriorate. The solution? An intensive and deep aeration of your golf course or sports field. This strengthens root formation, and thus strengthens turf.

At GKB we want to solve the problem of a too compact top layer with one of our latest machines from GKB: the Deep Tine Aerator (DTA). We are happy to tell you more about this machine.

How does the GKB DTA work?

1. The pins of the DTA go straight into the ground, causing pits. Hollow, conical or thicker pins are also available as options.
2. By piercing the soil, the machine ensures mixing of surface water and air inside the turf. This optimizes the top layer of your sports fields, and reduces soil compaction.
3. This gives space to root formation and drastically improves the quality of the field.

Which types of sports fields benefit from the GKB DTA?

An aeration method is a standard part of the maintenance of sports fields and golf courses to prevent and remedy compact soil. We have a series of 4 versions of the DTA, suitable for various applications. We have sorted these below by working depth (model addition means working width in centimeters):

  • DTA120 for greens: maximum working depth 25 centimeter
  • DTA160 for golf courses and sports fields: working depth 30 centimeters
  • The DTA210 and DTA260 models are more heavy-duty and are suitable for deeper aeration (such as use by contractors), with a working depth of 40 centimeters.

Why buy your deep aerator from GKB?

A machine that has to poke the ground repeatedly for long periods on end must be solid. We took this notion into account when designing the DTA. The unique deep aerator therefore distinguishes itself in the following properties:

  • The DTA has heavy duty sealed bearings on the crankshaft. This improves its durability compared to other deep aerators and significantly reduces the need for maintenance;
  • Easy-to-adjust tine speed (3 gears);
  • Easy tine change due to smart fastening system;
  • Pry angle acceleration up to 25 degrees.

Request a demo!

Are you interested in one of our DTA deep aerators? Contact our specialists and see the machine at work during a live demo.

GKB Ecodresser – dress to impress!

A machine especially developed for the maintenance of your natural grass sports fields and golf courses. That is our GKB Ecodresser.The machine combines common grass care operations, such as tipping the top layer, aerating and leveling the turf. These features make this machine user-friendly and efficient, and very popular among field managers worldwide.

The performance of this all-rounder in the spotlight.

How does the GKB Ecodresser dress?

  1. The machine smoothes the terrain and distributes the dressing soil from the existing top layer. This has the advantage that you no longer have to purchase and distribute them separately; a clear environmental benefit.
  2. In the meantime, the various cutting tools on the machine such as tiller blades, fixed field tines and coulters ensure that the soil is intensively aerated. This happens both in the top layer and in the sub layer, and in this way the best possible germination conditions are created.
  3. The aeration, in combination with the nutrient-rich material that is placed on top, greatly improves the quality of your sports fields. This also loosens the soil, preventing weeds from growing in the top layer.

3-in-1 dressing machine

The dressing machine has a 3-in-1 function:
– Aeration of the soil
– Environmentally friendly dressing, with your own land
– Creating good sowing conditions

User-friendly and efficient

You can imagine that the Ecodresser is very user-friendly and efficient thanks to these functions. In addition to these 3-in-1 functions, the pre-cutting roller also minimizes damage to the field. In the meantime, spring coulters provide protection against stone chips when airing the soil.

Two other accessories are also available for leveling the field:

  • A stone screen
  • A collection tray

Using the conveyor belt, you can then simply spread soil or stones evenly over the soil. This way you can easily create a homogeneous top layer. View the video of the machine below. Also read this customer experience of a golf course with the Ecodresser (please note it’s in Dutch).

The results of the GKB Ecodresser

Aerating and dressing the soil with the Ecodresser ensures:

  • Creation of good germination conditions
  • Better root formation
  • Good drainage

Sounds interesting!

Would you like to know more? View the specifications of the Ecodresser or contact our specialists. We are happy to advise you!

GKB Machines: progressive family business

As a landscaper or contractor, you don’t just go into business with a random machine builder for your turf maintenance. And when you choose a machine supplier you rely not only on technical product information, but also on quality and reliability of the company. You may have already read about our innovative turf maintenance machines on our website. But what really characterizes GKB Machines? What makes us special and what is important to us? Get to know us!

Passionate family business

GKB Machines is a genuine family business. You will notice this especially in the fact that we attach great importance to a healthy relationship with our employees. But even with our customers we remain involved as much as possible on a daily basis. Working on good mutual relationships contributes to the quality of our cooperation, and consequently, the quality of our engineering. As a client, you will also benefit from passionate employees who enjoy their work.

We use the power of our workers

“The worker is king”, is the motto of GKB Machines. And for good reason: in addition to being a machine factory, we are also a contracting company with almost 200 people who use our machines. Because these people are the experts in working with our machines, we can continuously improve them based on their experience. This guarantees you a top-quality product that has really been thought through and therefore saves time on your projects.

Advanced technology

Since 1985, GKB has been building the most efficient and innovative maintenance machines for turf care. Our customers absolutely appreciate our innovative natural, synthetic and hybrid turf care machines for sports fields. The new GKB Deep Tine Aerator (DTA) has recently been launched and has already scored highly with customers for its simplicity and effectiveness. We have already received a lot of requests for demos, even though these often only consist of videos due to the corona crisis.

Always looking for opportunities

What also characterizes us at GKB Machines is that we are always looking for opportunities. It is important at this time that we do not lose heart, and we certainly do not. We see enough opportunities to remain successful despite the corona crisis. For example, activities in (municipal) greenery will attract, since more and more people are moving outdoors to public parks. Since June 1st, outdoor sports in small groups are allowed again in the UK. And even though professional football temporary isn’t allowed at the moment, it is important that sports fields are brought back into optimal condition before the 2020/2021 sports season starts again.

What does your sports field need?

Our specialists are happy to advise you on what your sports field needs to stay in top condition or come again. Fill in our contact form. We will call you back within 1 working day.

The maintenance of sports fields and sanding them

Maintenance of sports field: How and why sand spreading?

Enjoy your sports fields as long as possible? Don’t forget that sanding is an important part of maintenance. Sanding makes the sod less sensitive to rain, and the mat keeps the water through well. In addition, this makes the top loyer more rougher in the winter. GKB Macines has various machines for sanding. Read more below about the maintenance of sports fields and sanding them.

Sand surface

Does your field need more scaling? Sanding your sports field may then be the solution. Our Sandspreader and Topdrop are good machines for the maintenance of your football field or golf course.

  • Sandspreader: The machine is very user-friendly. Smart features like, the shape of the bunker, suspension and adjustability. This ensures that you can evenly sand your sports field and bring it into top condition.
  • Topdrop: By the speed of the brush and the precise adjustment of the conveyor belt, you can sand very accurately. Our Topdrop is a high-quality brush dresser, where you can apply various materials in the right place.


Sand sods

Choose the Sandfiller or the Drainmaster for sanding the sod. The combination between scarifying and sand filling is excellent for scaling and keeping the drainage in order. Slots are first milled and then they are filled with sand. Various tasks such as: scarifying, removal and sand filling are already combined by the machines. They are therefore ideal machines for thorough maintenance of your sports fields:

  • Sandfiller: With a working dept of 4 cm, this machine works in the top layer of the sod. The knives are available available in 2,3, and 4 mm thickness and can be positioned at 2,4 6 and 8 cm. This operation is only performed on the green of a golf course.
  • Drainmaster: Where the Sandfiller shrinks, the Drainmaster is mainly used for specialist maintenance of a sports field. Because the Drainmaster fills trenches with sand up to 23 cm deep and 4 cm wide, the soil drains much better than before cultivation. So it is a good solution if you don’t have the time or budget for a complete renovation.


What does your sports field need? 

Tell us what kind of sports field you have and what the current condition is. Our specialists are happy to advise you on what your sports field needs to stay in top condition or get back in top condition. Call +31 (0)180 642 922 or fill in our contactform  We will call you back within 1 working day.


RDW approval for the Sandspreader & Topdrop

Did you know that agricultural and foresty, trailers and towed machines must have a European (RDW) approval? Without this, the vehicly may not be allowed on public roads. GKB Machines delivers these machines with this European approval. Now you can drive safely from departure to destination!

Which types of approvals are there?

There are two types of approval:

  1. Individual approval. With an individual approval, each vehicle is individually assessed and approved.
  2. Type approval. Because the Tüv and the RDW have assessed that our production process is set up correctly, smartly and efficiently, we are allowed to inspect the vehicles ourselves. This is called “Type Approval” and greatly benefits the delivery time and costs.

What do you get when you purchase our machine with a European type approval?

1. Drive on public roads

First, you can officially drive on public roads. You no longer need a trailer to bring the Sandspreader or Topdrop at the location.

2. Safety use

Secondly you are assured that you can use the machine safely on public roads. Your machine is assembled with a European approved overrum brake, wheel brakes, tires, bumper lighting and reflectors.

3. Declaration of Conformity

Besides that, you will also receive a Declaration of Conformity, which means that your machine may be used on public road. Insurance can ask about this.

4. Your machine is prepared for the future

Finally, your machine is prepared for the future. In no time, tractors and implement carriers will carry a number plate. This also applies to towed machines. Because we provide the machine with a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), your machine is registered for use on public roads. This is necessary to be able to use a number plate. The VIN is also know as the chassis number. This number gives the vehicle a unique identity. It is the ‘fingerprint’ of the vehcile and is embedded in a fixed part of the vehicle.


More information about the Sandspreader and / or Topdrop?

We are happy to talk to you to provide you with more information and advice. Contact us to speak to a GKB specialist.



7 Advantages: taking care of the green of your golf course with the Sandfiller

Both golfer and greenkeeper want nothing more than an outstanding green. In addition to a good rolling quality, the visual aspect of the green is also important for the golfer’s playing experience. The Sandfiller from GKB combines scarifying, sanding and possibly seeding in one pass. This makes this machine essential for the maintenance of your golf course.

Why this operation?

The climate is changing, which means that rainfall is getting heavier. This also changes the maintenance of golf courses. More and more golf courses are changing their maintenance  activities, such as sanding and draining the greens with the Sandfiller. By scarifying you get rid of felt formation and oxygen enters the top layer. Applying sand ensures that the top layer degreases. These treatments with our Sandfiller lead to a stronger top layer and improve the water permeability.

Sandfiller in operation.

A milling rotor with scarify blades and wind vanes mills the slots. The milled material is blown into the collection bin. The sand is then inserted.


  • Environmentally and economically aerating the turf.
  • Lower costs due to the combination of sand filling and scarifying in one pass.
  • Increases the playing time on the greens.
  • Faster drainage of surface water through sand slots.
  • Cost-effective by not applying a total renovation.
  • Existing construction of the field is retained.
  • Intensive aeration of top layer, resulting in a faster recovery.

Bonus tip: aerate green

Aerating the green can lead to irritation for golf course players because . To speed up the recovery of the turf it is good to sow the green. Mix the dried sand with grass seed. With the Sandfiller you can aerate, sand and sow the green in one pass.

Want to know more about our Sandfiller?

Want to know what kind of maintenance your golf course needs? We are happy to talk to you to provide you with more information and advice. Contact us to speak to a GKB specialist.

3 reasons: rely on GKB for your cricket ground maintenance equipment

Many don’t know this, but after football, cricket is the most popular sport in the world! The construction and maintenance of cricket grounds requires specialist knowledge and expertise; the wicket is even mowed manually and the substrate consists of special clay from England. Maintenance in football is a piece of cake compared to cricket. Good maintenance is only possible with the best cricket ground equipment.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your equipment? We have been aiming to design the best equipment for sports ground maintenance since the very beginning, 35 years ago. Read more about the 3 reasons why you should use GKB Machines on your cricket ground.

  1. We provide all essential equipment for cricket field maintenance.

You need the right machines for proper maintenance on a cricket ground. Our equipment will sort you out in various ways and for different needs:

  • How do I scrape my field accurately?
    With our Combinator you can fraise your pitch to the millimeter. Issues such as chemical-free weed management and sustainability are currently very topical. With the Combinator you can always respond to direct needs.
  • How do I scarify the field?
    Our Vstrong is based on the Combinator and has been specifically developed for scarification. The Vstrong is optionally available with a hydraulically operated collection tray. With the Combinator you can also scarify and the milled material will immediately be removed with a conveyor belt.
  • How do I aerate my sports field?
    The TopAir is the best piece of equipment to aerate your field. The Evolvent® blades in the tool are designed to minimizes the wiggling effect in the top layer.
  • What should I do if my field is damaged?
    Remove unevenness with our Dragframe and then strengthen the surface by seeding using our Combiseeder.
  1. Our machines are advanced and contain smart features

GKB machines are sustainable, solid and reliable. They are also innovative and contain unique features. Consider the Evolvent blades of the TopAir and its adjustment system for perfect working depth on our fraise mowing machines.

  1. Our machines are made to work with

All GKB equipment must meet strict quality requirements that we set. We know that a sustainable, solid and reliable tool is the basis for any groundkeeping operation. That’s why we develop our machines by testing them in the field and by listening to feedback from our customers.

Choose GKB for supplying the best equipment for maintenance of the cricket ground

Do you want to ensure that your cricket ground stays in top condition? Meet GKB! Let’s look at which machines will work best for the maintenance of your cricket ground. Arrange an appointment with one of our specialists now