7 Advantages: taking care of the green of your golf course with the Sandfiller

Both golfer and greenkeeper want nothing more than an outstanding green. In addition to a good rolling quality, the visual aspect of the green is also important for the golfer’s playing experience. The Sandfiller from GKB combines scarifying, sanding and possibly seeding in one pass. This makes this machine essential for the maintenance of your golf course.

Why this operation?

The climate is changing, which means that rainfall is getting heavier. This also changes the maintenance of golf courses. More and more golf courses are changing their maintenance  activities, such as sanding and draining the greens with the Sandfiller. By scarifying you get rid of felt formation and oxygen enters the top layer. Applying sand ensures that the top layer degreases. These treatments with our Sandfiller lead to a stronger top layer and improve the water permeability.

Sandfiller in operation.

A milling rotor with scarify blades and wind vanes mills the slots. The milled material is blown into the collection bin. The sand is then inserted.


  • Environmentally and economically aerating the turf.
  • Lower costs due to the combination of sand filling and scarifying in one pass.
  • Increases the playing time on the greens.
  • Faster drainage of surface water through sand slots.
  • Cost-effective by not applying a total renovation.
  • Existing construction of the field is retained.
  • Intensive aeration of top layer, resulting in a faster recovery.

Bonus tip: aerate green

Aerating the green can lead to irritation for golf course players because . To speed up the recovery of the turf it is good to sow the green. Mix the dried sand with grass seed. With the Sandfiller you can aerate, sand and sow the green in one pass.

Want to know more about our Sandfiller?

Want to know what kind of maintenance your golf course needs? We are happy to talk to you to provide you with more information and advice. Contact us to speak to a GKB specialist.