Natural grass pitches have been laid and maintained for over a hundred years. Originally football was primarily a sport that was played by young people at universities. Later it became a professional sport for all ages. Thus, the demands of the sports field have been getting higher. These fields must meet the technical requirements. This means that the surface must be suitable for safe and enjoyable play. Good maintenance is important and good football field machinery is required.

Do you want a reliable partner for your machines? We have always strived for the best equipment for sports field maintenance. Read 3 reasons why you should use GKB Machines on your sports field.

  1. Football field equipment for each operation

As field manager you need the right football pitch maintenance equipment. We want to help you find the right tools. Below you can see a list of machines that you might want to use the most.

  • How do I apply sand to my football pitch?
    Use the Sandspreader to spread sand on larger surfaces with a disc spreader. Use our Topdrop to apply sand accurately with a brush spreader.
  • How do I aerate my sportsfield?
    The TopAir is the best tool to aerate your field without damaging the surface.
  • Which machines do I need to scarify my field?
    Our Vstrong is based on the Combinator and has been developed specifically for scarification. With the Combinator you can also scarify and the milled material is immediately removed.
  • What should I do if my field is damaged?
    Remove unevenness with our dragframe. You can strengthen the surface by seeding with our Combiseeder.
  1. Unique, smart features of GKB Football field equipment

A GKB machine is innovative. We can see this for example in the following unique features. Consider the Evolvent blades of the TopAir. The adjustment mechanism for the working depth on our fraise mowing machines. And soon the homologation of the SandSpreader.

  1. Made to be used

Every GKB Machine must satisfy the high-quality requirements that we impose. A sustainable, reliable and robust machine is the foundation for your operation.

Choose GKB for providing the best football pitch maintenance equipment

We understand the difference in football fields and can cater to various needs. Trust us in thinking along with you and rely on our machines as being the best on the market. Contact one of our specialists to help come up with the best solution for your football field.