3 reasons: rely on GKB for your cricket ground maintenance equipment

Many don’t know this, but after football, cricket is the most popular sport in the world! The construction and maintenance of cricket grounds requires specialist knowledge and expertise; the wicket is even mowed manually and the substrate consists of special clay from England. Maintenance in football is a piece of cake compared to cricket. Good maintenance is only possible with the best cricket ground equipment.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your equipment? We have been aiming to design the best equipment for sports ground maintenance since the very beginning, 35 years ago. Read more about the 3 reasons why you should use GKB Machines on your cricket ground.

  1. We provide all essential equipment for cricket field maintenance.

You need the right machines for proper maintenance on a cricket ground. Our equipment will sort you out in various ways and for different needs:

  • How do I scrape my field accurately?
    With our Combinator you can fraise your pitch to the millimeter. Issues such as chemical-free weed management and sustainability are currently very topical. With the Combinator you can always respond to direct needs.
  • How do I scarify the field?
    Our Vstrong is based on the Combinator and has been specifically developed for scarification. The Vstrong is optionally available with a hydraulically operated collection tray. With the Combinator you can also scarify and the milled material will immediately be removed with a conveyor belt.
  • How do I aerate my sports field?
    The TopAir is the best piece of equipment to aerate your field. The Evolvent® blades in the tool are designed to minimizes the wiggling effect in the top layer.
  • What should I do if my field is damaged?
    Remove unevenness with our Dragframe and then strengthen the surface by seeding using our Combiseeder.
  1. Our machines are advanced and contain smart features

GKB machines are sustainable, solid and reliable. They are also innovative and contain unique features. Consider the Evolvent blades of the TopAir and its adjustment system for perfect working depth on our fraise mowing machines.

  1. Our machines are made to work with

All GKB equipment must meet strict quality requirements that we set. We know that a sustainable, solid and reliable tool is the basis for any groundkeeping operation. That’s why we develop our machines by testing them in the field and by listening to feedback from our customers.

Choose GKB for supplying the best equipment for maintenance of the cricket ground

Do you want to ensure that your cricket ground stays in top condition? Meet GKB! Let’s look at which machines will work best for the maintenance of your cricket ground. Arrange an appointment with one of our specialists now